Jeniferever Brings Spring Tides in April!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One of my favorite Swedish bands about 3 years ago was Jeniferever, and to my surprise they are busting out a new album in mid April called Spring Tides! In their sophomore album, they continue to give us a wide spectrum of their sound with instrument heavy post-rock, loud and powerful soundscaping, and a certain deep melodic flow. I am way excited about this new album. In the past, they've released a handful of EPs and along with their latest, the2006 debut album, Choose A Bright Morning, will be re-issued by Monotreme Records in April as well. Check out their single below and be sure to pick up that new album.

Green meadow Island

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Eksi Ekso Debuts!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Boston's Eksi Ekso is amazing! This Boston base sextet is 2/3s new and is the new love child from the people who brought The Burning Paris and On Fire. Their beautiful cinematic instrumentals remind me of Phoenix and the Turtle. The keys and samples are excellent with their strong build-ups and the strings give if a classical, dramatic touch. I Am Your Bastard Wings delivers you over 50 minutes of intense postrock with faint vocals on some of the tracks. Get the album here!

Just Leave

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Case Of The Mondays With 65DaysOfStatic!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hands down, these guys are one of UK's most hardest working bands. I've been following 65DaysOfStatic for a few years now and they've definitely got one of the best ranges of sound in glitch-post instrumental rock. Today they are kicking off a 4 month, 75-city tour (I lost count after 70)! WHAT?!!? Yea...hardworking. All over the world, they are solely opening for the Cure on many dates. Needless to say you'll be hearing about them for a long long time.

The Fall Of Math, the 2004 full length debut, will be released in March in the U.S. and The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties EP soon to follow in April via Monotreme Records. Here are some tracks off of The Fall Of March and their latest The Destruction of Small Ideas. Get that here. Listen and get lost in it.

The Fall Of Math:
Retreat! Retreat!

The Destruction of Small Ideas:
When We Were Younger And Better
Don't Go Down To Sorrow

Happy Monday, have a swell week!

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Explosions In The Sky: The Remixes!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Have you ever been to a show where you are definitely watching the band and focusing but you start to think of other things? This probably is strange but I know you're out there. Lots of times I catch myself thinking about all kinds of other things in life; past, present or future. The instrumentals of the band does something to my brain that causes all this stimulus. Like playing classical music or soothing ocean noises for new born babies, it is doing something. I noticed this first at a Appleseed Cast show many years ago, then the same at a Mercury Program show, then an Album Leaf show. Not just scenary or background, but you are in it. Running, or laughing, it's crazy.

Since the early 2000s, Explosions In The Sky have been messing with my mind. They say they are not post-rock at all, in which I agree, however I think it's cause they define it on their own. If you wanted me to give you an example of good post-rock, I would mention these guys and the aformentioned. Rock isn't just what it was anymore. Broadening the somewhat traditional with more rhythms, more harmonies and that sweet chord progression. I wanted to quickly highlight the remix 2nd bonus disc of All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. You've got bands like Jesu, Four Tet and Eluvium mixing with deep distortions, drum-a-sum, electronics through out and piano melodies. If you didn't get your chance, here it is!

The Birth And Death Of The Day (Jesu Mix)
Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix)
So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix)

Gotta love'em Texans.

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More Doses Of Sigur Ros for Your Ears & Eyes!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

There is a huge set of anticipated releases coming up for Sigur Rós and it's creating quite a confusion in my head. I want to keep track cause I love these guys, so here's my attempt at updating you! A double compilation with previously unreleased tracks will be coming out on the 6th, called Hvarf-Heim, which includes regular and acoustic studio versons. On the 20th, the Iceland tour DVD, Heima, will be released. To help you get excited for the Hvarf-Heim , a single was released on monday called Hljómalind, which used to be Rokklagið. And finally a CD+DVD of the Odin's Raven Magic, the orchestral Icelandic 02 piece, will be dropping hopefully sometime in January. I think all the Icelandic named songs and CD titles make part for the confusion!

Check out the Heima Trailer now! It is nothing short of beautiful. I think their tracks over any video makes it amazing. Agreed? We got two singles for you, 1 from each CD off of Hvarf-Heim. Just beautiful, makes me want to cry, fly, hug people and go swimming in a lake! (woah)
They are also doing a world screening tour which is well underway. There are several U.S. dates, most which are sold out. Tomorrow they'll be performing at the Arclight, and again on Sunday. Also at UCLA on Saturday then finally a whole mess of dates beginning in November 18th at Rutgers, to November 26th at Northeastern. All these colleges...interesting. I'm going to buy it and have a screening at my house ( at my house) so look forward to that. Have a swell afternoon and "shun the non-believer!"

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