Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If YOU are reading this, You are invited to our special special Halloween Party! First off, this is a benefit show for victims of Human Trafficking* and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the building, renovation, and operation costs for a victims shelter. Our goal is to raise $20,000! What?! That's a lot a money! But there's a huge need. So if you're coming, check your wallets and piggy banks and bring'em over!

The Line Up & CLUB DDLV
We are super lucky and blessed to have two super awesome singer/songwriters performing and hanging out with us on Halloween! Leerone and Melinda Ortner, are two of our new pals and you need to come see them perform live! In the next couple days I'll be rolling out their videos and MP3s for y'all to check out. There also will be performances from the local community like break dancing, spoken word, etc. CLUB DDLV will feature 4 DJs spinning all kinds of funk, breaks, soul, hip hop, indie and electro stuff. It's gonna be super awesome. Bring your friends and show us your moves...dead serious. Live Music? DJs and Dancing? Costume Contests?! But seriously, we will be super sad if you don't have a costume. We don't care how old you are. If you don't know what to be, just come as one of your friends, or watch Donnie Darko and check out those costumes. Don't be lazy! Be Creative to win that costume contest!

Doors open at 6:30pm
Cost: $10 with costume, and $15 without.
Dancing Starts at 10pm

The 511 <---brand new venue!
511 E. Santa Ana Blvd.,
Santa Ana, 92701
map <--yea i googled it 4 u

*There are over 27 million slaves living in our world today. Seriously? Get the FACTS.


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Siblings Frank + Anna Carey = The Ams

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yay sibling music! What better band than the fam band?! Chicago's The Ams have just dropped their debut album, The Release of An American Soul, on their own label Shields Records. Whaaat?! I want my own label. These two both play keyboards & vocalize and by the sounds of Your Mere Presence, they sound like a very soft and soothing duo. But after hitting their myspace, I realized they are an indie pop band willing to try many things, and it's fun stuff d00d! Godspeed Your Safe Return sounds like a whole other indie pop band! Listen to Frank's song writing carefully, there's a lot of good stuff in there. Pick up their stuff here d00dz.

Your Mere Presence
Godspeed Your Safe Return


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Martin Rivas Just Needs To Be Heard!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My mailman said it's time for us to get a P.O. Box for our office but we're not gonna do it! Thanks to all the artists out there who are sending us your stuff, please keep it coming! If you need our address, just email us and wheel hand it over. One artist this week that I totally dig is Martin Rivas (not the soccer player, that guy kicks stuff). These days a singer/songwriter from New York is more like a beginning character description in a film, and yet there are dozens and dozens of musical gems out there yet to be heard. If you know of one, please point us in the right direction. Luckily this week I received some awesome songs from an artist named Martin Rivas.

Listening to his new album Sea of Clouds almost throws me off; it contains an excellent consistency and style of Rivas but exhibits a lot of elements like soft rock? 90s alternative? indie?...It's got feel-good lyrics, and reminds me of back home, and fun summers. Beyond it's poppy sing along vibes, I really feel like Rivas' album shows us how much fun he's having being who he is. Wow that was deep, but moreover, just simple. We like that. Nothings forced, and there's just a lot of heart and layers going on here. You definitely need to get his albums and hit that repeat. He's got a string of residency-type shows going on in NY, yes you're so lucky. If you get mixtapes from me, expect to hear more from Rivas.

Sleeping In The Shed
Heckuva Day
A New Word


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Know Better, Learn Faster, Learn Faster, Learn Faster!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Last night I told a photographer friend of mine that I thought Thao Nguyen's new album is probably my favorite of the year, and he said "That's a lot coming from you, because you're a music snob"...and he meant well by it, but I've never heard that before. I think at BBQ we just think a lot of stuff sucks. haha. But we get to say whatever we want! yay! With that said, Know Better, Learn Faster is highly kick ass and all over the place. I find myself listening to the lyrics, trying to dig deeper into the meaning, but lose any built concentration from the pop and kick of these songs. Easy has like drum machine like thing going on, and they make that work so well. We could go on and on...Anyway get the album here, and check out the vid I found below. ILL!

Know Better, Learn Faster


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A Beautiful Day in Glasgow

Monday, October 05, 2009

Lotsa people are sick here at the office...well actually they aren't here because of that reason. It's nice and quiet which makes listening so much more enjoyable. I currently got the new Ashes Grammar tracks from A Sunny Day in Glasgow replaying in my mac. I'd have to say this is there best stuff to date. It's like spacey-ambient sounds mixed with the instrumental symptoms of an indie band, dreamy vocals, and piles of layers often times reminding me of Takagi Masakatsu videos. You can get their new 22-track album here, and an hour of soundtrack for your day dreaming pleasure.

Evil, With Evil, Against Evil

Check out their labor of lovesss!


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Good Morning! Good Night, States

Happy Monday, woah we've been ultra busy here at the BBQ with films and events but just wanted to share some more music (duh!). Our Monday morning artist is a sweet indietronic band from Pittsburg, known as Good Night, States. They just graced us with a new EP last month called In The Impossible Tension, which is 7-tracks of synth heavy, folky, loopy and mellow indie rock. I already know you're gonna like it. Also they are innovators? Interesting! They'll be at CMJ later this month so you better go see them, seriously. Check out these tracks and pick up the EP here.

Arsonist's Blues
River In The Dry

BTW, check out the CMJ 09 Sampler...FREEEE
Have a great Monday!


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London's Stricken City November Debut

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm always game for art-pop that drenches in 90s alternative influence, especially with Stricken City vocalist Rebekah Raa. I think her voice alone commands the time-piece and style of my past playlists from when I was younger...definitely striking chords. I dig the huge wave of indie pop bands from the UK, but I dig Stricken City's slower approach to their sound. In early November, Kora Recs will be rollin' out their US debut, Songs About People I Know, with 2 bonus tracks! Check their myspace often for pre-order. In the meantime enjoy this track!

Pull The House Down

Also could this video possibly be any radder?

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Atlas Sound on Tour!!!

I have no idea what is going on in the pictuer above but it looked interesting. Earlier this summer I stumbled upon the deep ambient pop noises of the Atlas Sound but definitely did not get around to sharing it. Bradford Cox, frontman for Deerhunter, is the soloist on his new album 'Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel' which is chuck full of the layered electronic soundscapes that step on the lines between pop and atmospheric rock-ish. Brad's on tour right now, check these dates.

Cold As Ice

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Jupiter One’s Sunshowwwwwer!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last year we briefed on their debut and now Jupiter One has a brand new album rolling out soon called Sunshower! After giving it a several rotations, I'd have to say this is one of my favorite albums this Summer. I've been diggin' it all morning in the office. With their 80s/New Wave influences, Jup-1 continues their indie prog pop conquest with 11 awesome wide reaching tracks. Simple Stones packs a ton of style with that baseline, while Find Me A Place reminds me of the Beatles, and of course that new single Flaming Arrow is just an excellent indie track. Get that album mid September and do check out a show! The single is below. Also check out K, leader singer, string heavy on GMA with Reg Spektor.

Flaming Arrow


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My Summer Favorites: The Generationals!

Monday, July 20, 2009

With that killer catchy song When They Fight, They Fight, The Generationals are easily my summer favorite. Generationals is the post Eames Era collabo between the guitarists, Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, and from the sounds of it, there are some others hangin out with'em. Con Law is their debut and it's full of sunshine and handclaps...perrrrfect for summertime. You're seriously gonna love it! You can get the album here! Also check out their awesome Day Trotter session. They're also on tour right meow, chegg'em out!

Wildlife Sculpture
When They Fight, They Fight

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Danny Ross Works For The Gov't!

That's what I read atleast; Danny Ross works for United States Congressman Jerrold Nadler, which sounds like a great gig for any musician. In this case, however, Danny Ross' passion is definitely music. His new album, One Way, has some really beautiful songs with a fresh perspective on influences like the Beatles, and that Ben Folds-ey jazz pop piano melody stuff. The album opener Sleepy Dream is a very subtle starter with excellent strings and I totally dig it. Check this track out!

Sleepy Dream

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dublab VisionVersion : BUSDRIVER

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's up! I was excited to see an email this morning for a VisionsVersion with Busdriver. As you know Busdriver dropped his latest, Jhelli Beam, a couple weeks ago and it's got that classic Busdriver feel with lots of lefty beats and high word counts galore. There's a lot of dope stuff packed into this album but unlike the obvious satires in his previous albums, this one just seems different, which is classic Busdriver. Right? The beats are all over the freakin place. More genre bending storm of questionable confusing chaotic but awesome music with Project Blowed timer NoCanDo and Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, Nobody...Hear for yourself!


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Quannum's General Elektriks Sopho!

Friday, June 26, 2009

If you've never heard of Herve 'RV' Salters, he's the French musical keyboard genius behind General Elektriks and the keys for peeps like Curumin, Jel, Blackalicious, etc. etc. He joined the Quannum crew who released his dope debut, Cliquety Kliqk, which was filled with cinematic fused hip hop, soul, funks, and plenty of pop. On his new joint, Good City for Dreamers, he packs a heavy tribute to his favs like Stevie Wonder and David Bowie while keeping a definitive GE arrangement with a ton of creativity. Herve is all over the place with this album. Track to track, it's a whole new gig with a lot of style, and Beck like flow.

This new stuff drops September 22nd and y'all need to look out for the pre-order. The album is Serious Swank (yea I said serious swank, you'll know when you hear it). You can stream the album on the site here. He's currently touring in Europe, check dates. We got the single and the complimentary/supplementary video. So good.

Take Back The Instant

GENERAL ELEKTRIKS "Take Back The Instant" from discograph on Vimeo.

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Nouvelle Vague's 3!

Another one of producer Marc Collin's successful projects, Nouvelle Vague, has just released their appropriately titled 3rd full-length album, 3! Like the first 2 albums, it's full of awesome-a-fied covers 'cept this time around these late 70s, early 80s re-arrangers have original singers on select tracks. Depeche Mode founder Martin Gore is on the cover of Depeche Mode's Master & Servant. That in of itself is totally rad. Also instead of their more traditional bossa flow, they've switched it up a bit with a more bluegrass, country sorta sound. I do dig it, especially the Ca Plane Pour Moi track. Sooo fun.

I think NV Producer, Oliver Lebaux, puts it quite nicely..."When it is a simple thing called a good song, you are always excited to record it in the studio and arrange it in a new way, and you are also excited to play it live in a simple way. The one important thing is that Nouvelle Vague are recording new versions and playing versions of absolutely fantastic songs." Agreed.

Heaven (Psychedelic Furs)


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Summer Tunes from Whale Tooth!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whale Tooth is a wonderful 5-piece from Toronto Canadia and they've got a stupendous self-titled EP out which makes you really wonder why they dont have a full length! They are currently unsigned but I can't imagine that's gonna last; labels out there, you guys need to pay attention. I'm diggin' Elise LeGrow's souful voice, it really puts a good twist on these sweet pop songs! Their single, Hibernation Song, is a must have for any future road trips...well really this whole EP is. They are currently running around Canadia rockin' their steez but I hope they'll be in the studio at some point recording an awesome full length. Hear this track already!

Hibernation Song

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Yo Yo one of Portland's dopest indie bands, HOCKEY, is generously giving away a super special vinyl edition of their upcoming debut album Mind Chaos! BBQCHICKENROBOT.com is giving away 2 of these hot vinyls for FREE! Did we mention that these are signed by the band? (whut!!)
Alls you gotta do is drop us an e-mail with your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS! We'll choose two people at random so get those in to us ASAP! We'll pick winners on July 1st, 12:00pm (west coastie!).

If you haven't already heard their awesome single Too Fake, no worries we got you covered via mp3 and vids. Also get the Filthy Dukes Remix of Learn to Lose here.

Too Fake

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...And The Ever Expanding Universe!

One of my most favorite bands on earth is The Most Serene Republic. They are just so ill. If you're like me, you put Populations or Underwater Cinematographer on repeat fairly often. They are finally hitting us with their 3rd album, ...And The Ever Expanding Universe, on July 14th. We've had the pleasure of listening to this album and it's nothing short of amazing! Get your fill of overwhelming tracks of layers of instruments, harmonies (Emma Ditchburn is the ace) and old school orchestra tactics playing so nice with new school beats. Listening to the 7-piece is straight up pure pleasure; check the track below to agree. I love Arts&Crafts! Give me a hug you Canadians!

Heavens to Purgatory

Oh btw, I forgot to mention the awesome Digital Population EP which is a digital 16-bit MIDI mix of 5 songs off of Population. You guessed it, it was release digitally late April. Gander a track will ya? It's like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain!

Humble Peasants

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

D00d, Natasha Khan is this British chick and she's craaaaaazy! We wrote about Hecuba and then a long wait after, Bat for Lashes and her female army of instrumentalists decided to destroy the stage. Of course there was the occasional d00d. The show was totally sold out at the El Rey theatre in Los Angeles last night. Lead woman Natasha Khan walked on stage wearing a black sequined leotard, accompanied by her three backing musicians. American Apparel all up on that!

The band opened with the first track from their latest and critically acclaimed album, Two Suns. From the first lines of "Glass," Khan establishes her amazing and alluring voice. My name is Joe Lin, and I totally love her! One of the highlights of the night was the song "Two Planets" --band mate Charlotte Hatherley pounds on a floor tom placed in the middle of the stage, as Khan's ephemeral voice soars atop the pulsing rhythms. It was super epic! As we mentioned in the Hecuba post, this was her last show on tour in the US so if y'all didn't go, you super missed it!

Two Planets


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Last night we got the amazing pleasure to see the amazingly amazing Hecuba perform at the El Rey Theatre here in LA. Their insane mix of synths, floating house-like beats, sometimes poppy, sometimes dark, and elements of trumpets and strings is straight chilling. From first song to last song, I am an instant fan. This is the music that will make peace between robots, aliens and humans. Their energy sets their glitchy loop tones which all makes complete sense when you dig deeper about the duo.

Isabelle Albuquerque (sweet last name) and Jon Beasley met in BK back in 2003 when Jon was shooting an alien film that eventually cast Isabelle as the star alien abductee (go figure!). They should have that film playing in the background at their shows. They've been making music since and are easily one of the illest couple duo's out there. The photo above is my favorite moment of their set (actually their set was my fav moment)..Isabelle puts her head on the keyboard and continues to take full control of the crowd. Can you tell that this was an amazing show?...sure I mentioned it. The LA locals ended their tour with Bat for Lashes last night but will be back at the Smell in August, which is much too long from now. Get that PARADISE album now!

Miles Away

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Beautiful Small Machines!?

Holy crud we've been gone for a long time! Sorry music lovers, we've been busy! But right meow I'd like to push your attention to the Beautiful Small Machines duo! Their new The Robots In Love EP is a mix of indie pop with a retro-robot like experiment. Songs like "Superconducter" are very Ting Tings'esqe with the high-pop beats. All around dope EP, lookin' forward to a full lenth effort! Bree Sharp and Don Dilego will be intro-ing their new EP to the world on July 14th but they've got a show at the Bowery Electric tomorrow night in NYC. Check it out! When robots rule the world, they will listen to songs like this on their vintage CD players and hi-tech mp3 players!


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Hey Check out Portland's The Dimes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One winter I went train hopping with a friend from Boise into an unknown land...in Oregon, however I went back to look up which town we ended up at and it turns out that the town is non-existent. That's Crazy! Anyways that has nothing to do with The Dimes other than the fact that I sure wish we had Save Me Clara playing on loop in our freight boxcar. The Dimes are a quintet from Portland, Oregon...one of my favorite cities. I keep hearing that they sound like the Beatles and this and that, well whatever it is, I really dig it. They got some nice folky pop tracks coming up on a new album. But first they got the New England EP for a little tease! Be on the look out for that full length coming at the end of summerish, and if you're in the Northwest, catch a shoooow! Oh score! They've got an acoustic version on their site, naaa-eeece.

Save Me Clara

Save Me Clara (Acoustic Demo)

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Math The Band > INSANE!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just heard Math the Band's new single Why Didn’t You Get A Haircut off their new album Don't Worry and I gotta say...it's crazy, especially the chorus parts. It's like Matt & Kim + 30 more bpm + exploding 80s video games. Math The Band is made up of boyfriend/girlfriend duo Kevin Steinhauser and Justine Mainville. They put on crazy shows with their moogs and casios, and luckily for you, they are touring right meow. Check those dates here. Some of their streams remind me on a show way back in high school with Atom and His Package, strange flashbacks indeed. Check out this promo-ish vid for a taste of Math.

Why Didn’t You Get A Haircut


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Libbie Linton's Bird Wings In The Bleak

One of our favorite singer/songwriters, Libbie Linton, has an awesome new album out called Bird Wings In The Bleak. The new album has 10 brand new songs by Libbie and 2 nicely redone-up tracks from The Shackleton EP. On BWITB, Libbie gets help from musician friends, you can hear the different contributions dropping in on the album tracks. Nice arrangements! Libbie proves the potential found in her EP with her strong yet soft and subtle vocals, singing her songs with words that I'm trying to piece together as I listen word to word. Definitely pick up her album here or iTunes.

Enduring a Mugging


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Leerone's at the Key Club May 29th!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of our favorite singer/songwriters is LA's Leerone. When we got her debut full length album Imaginary Biographies, we were pleasantly surprised with all the neat packaging and stickers and stationary. What an artist! She's easily one of the raddest people around and her hardwork and honesty shine through her songs. Her song To Fill The Void is my favorite track off her album. I think I have a crush on a song? And lucky for YOU she's playing at the Key Club on May 29th! Definitely go check her out and watch her video for "Care For Some Whiskey"...it's totally wild!

To Fill The Void


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Everyone's Telling Us About ZEE AVI!

Meet Zee aka KoKoKaina, okay nevermind she's going by Zee Avi now. 23 year old Malaysian Zee is the YouTube phenom who got discovered and is now signed to Brushfire Records, Jack's shack. She is like a girl version of Jack Johnson, musically speaking; in her new self-titled album she gives us a high five of purely sweet and catchy songs with her voice's ever so subtle notes. Get some hints of jazz and folk in there too. My coworker Miro says she's has elements of Regina Spektor, Corinne BR, and other awesome femmes. Can we ever get enough of this poppy love and heartache stuff? Heck no. BTW, Let Me In is my favorite from her.

Zee's album is out now! Go iTunes it and support this young new singer songwriter. Catch her on tour: Tomorrow on Morning Becomes Eclectic and at the Roxy.

Bitter Heart


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Get Trashed On Fiction!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brooklyn's got lots of good stuff coming out. Trashed on Fiction has just given us their folky indie rock album called Words Trails Maps and I must say it is quite good. Well there are Mid-Westy folkier parts but there's tons of rock on it too. It's a good combination and pieced well in their tracks. I gave the whole album a listen and it's a lot of fun. There's definitely no shortage of sweet instrumentals and intros. Needless to say their myspace tracks have been on repeat here in the office. Songs like Safety Net and the catchier pop tune Igby and His Crockets are more than enough to get into this band. Check their tour dates here.



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Bonjour Still Night Still Light!

Is it just me, or do the 3 girls from Au Revoir Simone look like sisters? Atleast two of them do. I'm ultra excited about their upcoming 3rd full-length titled Still Night Still Light! The album will be released on May 19th, and you can pre-order a special double 10" white vinyl version fo the record which will also come with a digital download code. I want those vinyls! Their poppy synthy melodies have been heard all over TV shows like Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. You'll get to check all their keyboardy goodness on tour! Check the dates here. We got a track for you off the album called All or Nothing, and needless to say it's dope! Also a special rad Shinichi Osawa song featuring Au Revoir Simone.

All or Nothing
Star Guitar (Shinichi Osawa ft. Au Revoir Simone)


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Miami Indie Rock?!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

This is the first time we've ever heard of an indie band from Miami, and they're dope! Modernage is a 5-piece that's rolls some heavy synths but also brings us a good amount of rock. Their new Sirhan Sirhan EP boasts a good range of their talents and I especially am diggin' the pop-ness on 'Somewhere' which is my favorite track. Each song on this EP holds its own. Often times we hear EPs that have 1 or 2 good songs and the other songs "need" the good song to make a decent EP. Not the case here. Be sure to grab the EP and check out the videos here.



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Shy Town's Skybox!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I honestly don't know if I can wait for a summer release from Skybox! Morning After Cuts will follow up their 2006 self-released debut Arco Iris which had amazing tracks like Various Kitchen Utensils. Their music is an excellent blend of indie pop, new wave and synths, with a lot of vocal style. Look forward to a tour hopefully kicking off in the Summer or Autumn. We got two tracks for you below, be suer to get the album when it comes out!

In A Dream
Various Kitchen Utensils


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Toronto's Dinosaur Bones!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The relatively young Dinosaur Bones have recorded a new self-titled EP. This Toronto 5-piece have made some quality songs. Their new tracks have grabbed lots of attention and no arguments for a full-length, definitely worth looking forward to in the Fall. They've got an awesome indie rockin' sound with layers of synths and keys. It might not be on the minds of most but the fact that each of their songs are over 4 minutes, does infact say something. I dig every song on this 4-track. They are playin' a small mess of dates in May in Ontario, check those dates and get the EP here.



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One for the Team brings a Perfect Spring!

Next up we have an awesome pop trio from Minneapolis called One For The Team! They just rolled out a new EP called Build a Garden which was recorded and mixed entirely in their apartment! Their new EP is filled with acoustic pop melodies with a Mid-west folky twist. They will be touring around the US in May and heading to Europe in July. Check the dates here. Get the album here and be sure to take them along on any weekend road trip!

Questions and Panthers
Best Supporting Actress

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Stephaniesĭd's Hello From the South!

Happy Friday everyone! We've got lots of music for you, let's kick this off with Stephaniesid! From what I've collected, they hail from Asheville, NC and they alter line-ups from time to time and tour to tour. I love Stephanie's vocals on tracks like The Weakling which give me flashbacks of Bjork singing on a pop record. Lots of instruments and lots of layers are packed into the new Warm People album, horn sections throughout are my fav. It's a beautiful album from beginning to end. Warm People will be available May 19th, pre-order here. They are currently on tour so check the dates here. Enjyo the tracks below!

The Weakling
Warm People

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Harlem Shakes! Harlem Shakes! Harlem Shakes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday! Our awesome friends, the Harlem Shakes, have recently rolled out their debut full length Technicolor Health, FINALLLLYYY!!!! After listening to the Burning Birthdays EP and early demos for the past years, we finally get a super ill album. This album is instantly one of our favorites. Technicolor Health is filled with infectious joy filled pop melodies that make you want to dance and sing-a-long. We could go on and on but you should just really get the album already. I will mention Sunlight sounds like A Night, which I'm sure you picked up. I digg'em. Check these two tracks!

Strictly Game
Nothing But Change Part II

Please oh please come to the west coast for some dates!


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Stuart Murdoch's God Help The Girl!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stuart Murdoch, lead singer and songwriter of Belle & Sebastian, has a brand new project called God Help The Girl. While he was touring with the band, he began to develop and formulate the elements of this project. It's an amazing album with lots of singers from all over including Smoosh's Asya! Watch this video below and get the single now!

Come Monday Night


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Little Brazil Is Supporting Their SON!

Monday, April 06, 2009

We got some new indie from Omaha. Little Brazil just rolled out their 3rd album called SON. It's a fat helping of loud indie rockin' with band head Landon Hedges who started solo after Desaparacidos with Conor Oberst. They remind me of the Killers mixed with Nada Surf with a ton of dancing and melodic hook ups. The songs are a lot of fun. Definitely check the dates for their current tour here. You can pick up SON here.



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My Apple IIe is Singing Sad Songs to Me!

City Breathing follows up their 2008 debut Look How It's Snowing Upwards, Look How They Move Toward Heaven with a brand new EP called My Apple IIe Is Singing Sad Songs To Me. It contains 4 tracks of their usual beautiful instrumentation along with great indie melodies. It is cinematic and perfectly orchestraic for your dramatic or happy moods. The Brooklyn trio is giving us one of the best EPs I've heard all year. Get it here on April 14th. Also if you get the physical CD, you will receive an exclusive letter pressed Apple IIe (5.25") floppy disk case for your copy. PFF!!! Dope.

A Place to Bury Old Mistakes

Catch them this weekend in Brooklyn at Monkey Town. Here's the deets. It's gonna be crazy!


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Black Hat Brigades Fathers EP!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Black Hat Brigade is the newest band on our radar from Canadia. Our friends of the North are cultivating a generation of indie music that has been blowing up, as I always say. In late May, the Brampton 5-piece will be giving us their second EP called Fathers. It's another small handful of great songs and their new single, Zombie Ciy Shake, is a nice catch with a nice synthy sound all over it. Fun stuff. I can't wait to hear a full length. Get the EP sampler here.

Zombie City Shake

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Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix!

Hey Kid, Stop all the downloading! One of my favorite bands is finally dropping Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, their 4th studio album after a 3 year wait from It's Never Been Like That. Phoenix has their new album leaked all over the internet, but we really think you should just wait to buy it. Yea it comes out towards the end of May but it's worth the wait...just wait! Support music you pirates! Okay we tried. Anyways this album is a lot like their previous stuff which is totally awesome. I've easily enjoyed every track on this album but my super favorite has been Fences do to those high vocals throughout. The French 4tet is on heavy rotation as they roll out on their very own label Loyauté. Check out the track that's being passed around. Also check out their performance from this weekend on Saturday Night Live. And please stop all the downloading!



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Marry Me John's Follow Up!

Actor is the follow-up. I think Annie Clark is just flexing now. You saw her talent in Polyphonic Spree, Sufjan's Band, and the amazing Marry Me debut. St. Vincent has done it again with Actor. She hits us with a wide range of her multi-instrument and writing expertise with help from Paul Alexander and McKenzie Smith of Midlake and Sufjan camp's Hideaki Aomori. The PLUG Female Artist of the Year is rolling out her 11 new tracks on May 5th via 4AD. Preview my favorite track of the album below and be sure to pick up the album .

Laughing With A Mouth of Blood


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Love Happenings of Charlotte & Magon...

Charlotte is from France, Magon is from Israel, and they live in their music...After meeting and talking through the internet, Magon invited Charlotte to Israel to make music. She accepted and they met this time last year. During the 12 days of making the album, they fell in love. Their debut album is called Love Happening. The album is incredibly mellow, with hints of the 60s and Charlotte's feather weight vocals. Enough synths for catchy and often soft melodies, and quickly cinematic. "We compose our music in the bedroom, thinking of the sea"...sums it up. Get that new Charlotte & Magon album here.

I Love You, You Are My Friend


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These Alligators Are Biting Your Ears!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I love bands from the Northwest! Most people would say these guys are from the boonies or sticks but I think some of the most amazing things reside in those places, and some of the best music as well. Washington's Alligators are our newest favorite. They've got a buncha good harmonies and some great pop in their sound. This is the type of fun music we like share with anyone. Be The Only One starts out so nice and is just sweet all the way through. I've been replaying it here in the office all day! Their new album, Piggy & Cups, officially drops in early April via Applehouse Records but you can get it now right here. Enjoy their single below and video to match! Also be on the lookout for a tour hopefully coming soon to a venue near you.

Where Does It Hide?


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It's A Musical Is Super Fun!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

After having Pain Song on repeat the other night, I decided I should share with you a new track from Berlin based It's A Musical! They released The Music Makes Me Sick on the mega beloved Morr Music label back in October. Their sweet indie synthy pop is so catchy and serious fun. I love Ella Blixt's voice on all these songs. Get their album here. In the meantime we've got the single for you. You're gonna diiigggg it!

The Music Makes Me Sick

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Jeniferever Brings Spring Tides in April!

One of my favorite Swedish bands about 3 years ago was Jeniferever, and to my surprise they are busting out a new album in mid April called Spring Tides! In their sophomore album, they continue to give us a wide spectrum of their sound with instrument heavy post-rock, loud and powerful soundscaping, and a certain deep melodic flow. I am way excited about this new album. In the past, they've released a handful of EPs and along with their latest, the2006 debut album, Choose A Bright Morning, will be re-issued by Monotreme Records in April as well. Check out their single below and be sure to pick up that new album.

Green meadow Island

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Frances' All The While!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All The While was by far one of my favorite albums of 2008 and I expect such great things from this band in the coming years. Frances' debut full length unfolds as a beautiful and playful pop sound that remind me of the antics of Ben Folds Five, yes back in the day. The Brooklyn sextet get's great contributions from friends on all kinds of instruments all piling onto layers of lovely melodies. You seriously need to get this album now and then you'll probably want to go check out their shows; an SXSW future favorite. The more I listen, the more they climb my favs chart. Agreed? Check these tracks out!



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Pree debuts with A Chopping Block

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When I first heard May Tabol's voice on the "In The Parlor" track, I instantly thought of the scratchy vocal haunts of Coco Rosie. She's got a beautiful voice accompanied by glockenspiel, guitars and soft piano music. DC's Pree is debuting with a 5-track EP called A Chopping Block which will roll out late March via Kora Records(The Fairline Parkway, Gregor Samsa). Definitely can't wait for a tour and a debut full-length from these guys. Check out this single from the EP, I think you'll dig it.

In The Parlor

Also DC's All Our Noise features Pree on one of their dope AON Sessions, check it out!

AON Sessions: Pree, "In the Parlor" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

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Asobi Seksu

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love a lot of bands with female vocals, and I dig shoegaze so naturally I would think Asobi Seksu is dope. But it's not just the combination; Yuki Chikudate's floating and often effect heavy vocals with their timely shift to a rich dream-pop sound have much to do with it. It's their best yet and I think they've taken the appropriate steps musically from just shoegaze. Great soundscapes as well and some serious rocking on towards the later half of these tracks. I like how it's called Hush, but sounds quite the opposite. Asobi Seksu's HUSH is droppin' next week but you can get it here for $7! Check tour dates here.

Meh No Mae

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19 Chances to Hear Anathallo Live!

A year back, Tan Panda introduced me to the amazing Shy-town based duo, Anathallo. Yes we all know they have a knew one out but we still had to mention it late in the game because Canopy Glow is really really good. I haven't seen these guys live yet but I hear only good things. You can catch them live on tour with their full band, check the dates here. Their sound has layers and layers of instruments with lots of vocals from the band members. Anathallo derives from a Greek word meaning "to renew, refresh or bloom again." I think they out did themselves and completely live up to the name. Check out two of their tracks below and go get that album here.



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Jayber Crow's New Vid!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Jayber Crow is a folky acoustic duo--1 part Northwest, 1 part Midwest. Pete and Zach are known for their intimate shows which push to give you a personal invitation to each song. But if you've heard their new album, you'll know this isn't very difficult. Two Short Stories shows a lot of new potential for their simple arrangements and story telling lyrics. They're definitely a pleasure to listen to especially when they're singing together. You can pick up the new album and their Farm and the Nomad EP here, but be sure to pick up the actual CD cause Two Short Stories will feature biodegradable packaging made from 100% recycled kraft board and printed with vegetable inks! I didn't know veggies could do that! Also check out their awesome new video for Freeze and Thaw below.

O My God When I Drop Dead
The Limited Voice of the American Crow

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Goldenbear's Dope New Everest EP

Monday, February 02, 2009

Though Goldenbear released two albums previous, I haven't actually heard about them until last week with their later January release of the Everest EP. This Austin 5-piece focused more on what they sound like live at their shows which their fans loved. Their experimentation pays off in the 5 tracks on their EP especially All The Stars, that one is my favorite with lots of instrumentation on the back. Hopefully they'll be touring a bit more, otherwise they have some gigs going down in hometown Austin. Check out their video for Ten Thousand Orchestras. I dig that song.

All The Stars


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Austin's Built By Snow

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The chaos these guys bring on their new album MEGA remind me of Matt & Kim with a pile of synths and video games. All that plus a hip nerdy attitude and mega dancy tunes are all packed small into their new joint. Austin's Built By Snow was birthed while the band members were working at a local TV station. Their keyboard rock is sure to make you have tons of sing-a-long fun so definitely pick up the album here but first, check out my favorite trackS off the new debut!

Something in 3D

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Thing-One's You'll Be Fine!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jersey's Thing-One packs enough beats for dance tracks like Moving Units-ish, but also gettin' their indie rock out. Their debut You'll Be Fine gives us a good range of the quartet's talent and sound while not being too chaotic like a lot of today's electro-dance. I dig their percussion/ synthy beats on several songs. They can move you or keep you mellow. I'm confident Thing-One has just begun to show us what they've got to offer. Look for a tour soon! We have two tracks for you below. You can get the album here, and I'd recommend it cause the song Goodnight Jenn is really dope.

The Kid With Pointy Shoes
Move It

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Suburban Kids with Biblical Names!

Sweden's Suburban Kids with Biblical Names has a brand new EP droppin' early February! After near 3 years, Peter Gunnarson and Johan Hedberg are finally taking on the next evolution of their synthy pop style. The new single, 1999, quickly tells you that they have an ability to stay consistent with their unique sound but still make it fresh with variety. I love when they throw in what seems to be random sounds but they work perfectly with the track. EP #4 is really just a tease for heir upcoming alum later this year. 2009 has so much to offer! Pre-order the EP here.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'll admit it. It's hard not to fall in love with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. I've got to admit, even I've got a bit of a man crush. His new EP, Blood Bank hit stores on Jan 20th, and I've got to say it's quite a fantastic follow up to last year's For Emma, Forever Ago. Beautiful, soulful vocals, bluesy guitars, and lyrical imagery like a breath of fresh air. I dig. You can pick it up here, and I suggest you do.


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Virot's oui ou non!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't know about anyone else but I think Francis Virot is great for rainy days. He's been playing music forever and has been playing the drums with his brother in Clara Clara. This debut album, Yes or No, has tracks that remind me of the Shins. I like how his voice goes from high to low and back in his folkish melodies. The album dropped last Fall and you can get it here.
We got 3 tracks below that will easily compliment your weekend. Enjoy!

Casscade Kisses
Say Fiesta
Not the One

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Get a Sample of the Bran Flakes!

When I first went to the Bran Flakes' myspace page, I knew they were quite peculiar. It all started with the Mickey Mouse Club song with marching, gun shots and alarms over people singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. It's totally dope and hilarious! Their new 30-track, 100% sample based album, I Have Hands will be dropping on February 24th via Illegal Art. Illegal Art will be offering the album on a "pay what you want" basis so it's kinda like a "class free" download system! We've got 3 of the new tracks for you to download.

I heard their live show is insane and lucky for us, they'll be doing a US tour in the summer. You'll get to listen to all their crazy mashup zaney tunes while enjoying their near kookoo headed shenanigans. Check back here for those dates. In the meantime give your eyes some exercise with the What It's All About video...speechless.

Stumble Out Of Bed
What It’s All About
I Have A Friend


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Lisa Hannigan Solos Sea Sew!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are ultra excited to see Lisa Hannigan doing her solo stuff! Through the years she's been backing up on songs for people like Damien Rice and Herbie Hancock. Her new album, Sea Sew will be hitting the ground on February 3rd and has already been getting play from KCRW and reviews galore. Lisa and her talented band will be swingin' through the Troubadour here in Los Angeles on Feb 21st! Be there! Check more tour dates here. We got her song Lille for you below and the awesome video with dope pop-ups!


Lisa Hannigan - Lille from ATO Records on Vimeo.


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The Break Mission!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Brooklyn's The Break Mission has managed to get out some new awesome songs despite their big line-up change. We just found out about this trio and their new EP The Prospect. The music sounds and feels passionate, the instruments are are beautiful. They'll be on the road sharing their music soon so be on the look out for that. The EP officially drops in February but you can get a clear taste at their myspace. Check out the first track below!

The Prospect


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Sound of Arrows Show Off New Magic!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sound of Arrows are dropping a new EP called M.A.G.I.C. that has a bunch of remixes on it and their new single M.A.G.I.C! The EP drops at the end of January and you can get it here. I think the single is a pretty cool song you can throw on at a party, similar to some Go! Team tracks and the D.A.N.C.E Justice song. Get the song below and throw it in your New Year's mixes.



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Switchfoot + Nickel Creek = Fiction Family!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek have joined forces to bring you Fiction Family! Their self titled album is rolling out on January 20th via ATO recs (Dave Matthews joint). This album was 3 years in the making only being stuffed here and there between the two artist's band schedules and tours. Check out the video on their site, it explains it all. You can pre-order the album here and check out the coming 2009 winter tour dates. We got that first single for you so check it out and let us know what you think!

When She's Near


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The Sweet Serenades from Sweden!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Hey it's Monday! We got another dope duo from Sweden called The Sweet Serenade, and judging by the band name you could almost guess it's gonna be some sweet pop! It definitely is. Their first EP rolled out in 2007 and now we're super excited about their new album Balcony Cigarettes to drop soon. We got the first single from that album called Mona Lee with lots of "woos" in it. I dig. And check out the sweet video below!

Mona Lee

The Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee from Leon Records on Vimeo.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are a trio, sometimes they are not. If there is one band that has and will stay true to the DIY term, it's these guys. The band is all swirled out colors, flushing upwards through the atmosphere. Spaced out, dreamy, part folk, part punk thrash, ambience and shoegazing abound. I asked guitarist Luke Namee some questions, you can read them below.

Gaurav: How has playing the West Coast been so far, and what makes it different from other tours you've been on?
BBDDM: West coast is really rad. Recently the X-men moved to San Francisco from New york and that really motivated me to come to the west coast.

: Tell our readers a little bit about the genealogy of your tour van
: Our last van Planet Claire was hit by a drunk driver, which was a bummer for all parties involved. so our friend Brad sold us the old Blood on the Wall van. Its also used by Boo and Boo Too and the Rooftop Vigilantes and has recently started making this weird clanking sound.

G: What's been the best show on this tour so far?
BBDDM: We all have different opinions, usually because of girls. Drew says in Rhinoceropolis in Denver and Allen isn't here right now. Beat Box Fred in Olympia was fantastic.

G: Which city are you most excited to hit within the next month?
BBDDM: Phoenix and the desert.

G: What are future plans for Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk?
BBDDM: We're out here for few weeks. A full US tour in May and June and some split cassettes. Puppycat 7 inch and coloring book. Lots of sleep.

: Three most listened to records on tour..
: Yellow Elephant. the Inland Empire / Married in Berdichev split tape and the new TI Paper Trail.

G: When you are not actually playing a show, where do you and the rest of the band most often find yourselves? BBDDM: In the van. We read a lot. Allen is reading the Phantom Tollbooth and Drew is reading Tales from Jabba's Palace. I only read comics. Smoke weed.

: What is Chomp Womp? Where would you direct people to learn more about the background/ history and functions of this entity?
BBDDM: Chomp Womp is the battle cry of the california whale dolphin, mascot of the seattle superdome. To learn more about Chomp Womp see no school get fucked up or call 316 393 6047

: How many shows do you think BBDDM have played in the last year?
: One hundred shows

: Last movie/ tv show/ cartoon you guys watched together?
BBDDM: Last night in a motel we watched Tom and Jerry. Saw Mean Girls recently which was way good.

: Favorite superhero? Favorite comic book?
BBDDM: Wolverine. hands down. Such a badass character, and he kills people. Batman has been pretty interesting lately, with Grant Morrison eluding to his death a lot. Grant Morrison loves to fuck his characters up. All the X-men series' are tying together really well too, with the unifying threat of the Hellfire Cult and constant hints of Jean Grey's return. Astonishing x-men has been consistent in its entire run as well. Drew says Luke Skywalker but only in Return of the Jedi. Allen says Frank.

: Favorite venue?
BBDDM: Scrummage University

"Fort Pork Chop" from the Puppycat EP

Tour dates:
12.10 - Portland, OR (Live on KPSU)
12.11 - Santa Barbara, CA (Live on KCSB)
12.12 - Claremont, CA (Ecoterra Health Market)
12.13 - Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
12.14- Los Angeles, CA (Echo Curio)
12.15- Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
12.16- Phoenix, AZ (The Trunk Space)
12.17- Albuquerque, NM (1817 Gold Ave)
12.18- Santa Fe, NM (MEOW WOLF)
12.19- Lubbock, TX (Bright House)
12.20- Wichita, KS (Eagles Lodge)

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Avi Does Santogold!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brooklyn's Avi Fox-Rosen, who's best known for his amazing Americana folkish-ish, but in my opinion with an indie twist, has recently covered a Santogold song...or whatever they are allowed to call her now. Of all of her songs he covered Creator and I had to hear his rendition. He has a lot of great songs but this song is just crazy. It takes a few listens but it definintely and quite possibly might be the best covered version of that song. We have a few other songs for you; 1 from The Amazing Frozen String Quartet with his brother Benjy and another from One included, check them out below!

Creator (cover)
Amazing Frozen String Quartet - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Avi Fox-Rosen - Alone In The City


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Yves Klein Blue Is In Recording Mode!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brisbane's Yves Klein Blue are in the vein of the Strokes with a lotta renewed youth. They got a great pop sound going and you'll get a better chance at hearing more when they roll out their full length next year. Currently they are recording with Cold War Kids' producer here in LA and they've got some shows coming up at The Knitting Factory on the 19th, and Dec 13 at The Rox (Above The Roxy). Check out a song from their Draw Attention to Themselves EP



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Pete & J Making You Feel Good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brooklyn's Pete Harper and Jason Blynn are simply Pete and J and that's exactly how one might feel when listening to their feel good tunes. They rock some tuneage that my dad would sit down and enjoy but stuff I would love to have for a good road trip. They got a new EP out called Plenty Good Reasons and it's plenty good to give you a taste and prep you on their upcoming album. Oh but wait! You don't gotta wait til later, you can listen to their entire album here! Check out two tracks below and be sure to check them out live on tour!

Lady, Oh Lady

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Halifax's Mardeen's Read Less Minds

We just got a rad package of awesome music from Canadia and we're gonna kick it off to you starting with Halifax's Mardeen! It would seem as if lots of good stuff is coming from Canadia but I say it was always there, we just had yet to discover it, Agreed? Mardeen's debut album, Read Less Minds, has actually been finished for quite sometime (August 06?) and it's been a long time comin' to push it out. The album dropped in the summer and is full of great poppy hooks and great melodic guitars. Their sound works as well as their blood! Yea, Jon, Travis and Mike are 1st cousins. And they've landed a "fulltime" drummer which will give them the opportunity to hopefully drop something in the next coming months. Check out those two tracks below and more here.

You Feel It

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

If you have any interest in hearing what the future of music might sound like, go buy the new Gang Gang Dance record Saint Dymphna. This recording is the bands follow up to 2005's God's Money and is their most accessible recording to date. Chock-full of mind bending rock, trance, grime, and Bollywood flare -- it's difficult to ask for much more of this one of a kind, absolutely unique album made by a truly envelope pushing ensemble. If you're feeling a little dizzy and disassociated from the auditory overload, don't fret, I am certain these side effects are intentional. Receiving critical praise across the board, Saint Dymphna is, hands down, one of 08's top albums. Have a free taste for yourself below with the dancey yet dreamy "House Jam." Word up, Gang Gang Dance. Well done!


RIYL: Animal Collective, Brian Eno, A.R. Rahman

Saint Dymphna is out now on The Social Registry

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Canadia's Said The Whale!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just listened to Said The Whale's West Coast Christmas EP which you can get totally free on their myspace. The song is a beautiful piano piece and transitions into "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"...it's so good! It's like self-sabotage lonely feel making time! I really dig it. Luckily we got that new album Howe Sounds/ Taking Abalonia which is filled with great indie pop songs like This City's A Mess and the harmonic boy/girl melodies like The Real of It. Technically, Taking Abalonia came out last year but they re-released it this summer with 7 new tracks and a new name, sorta; Howe Sounds/ Taking Abalonia. Dope album. Get that EP FREE below and tracks from their newest!

This Winter I Retire
The Real Of It

West Coast Christmas EP

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The Weather Machines; More from the City of Roses!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think when I first heard of these guys, they were from South Dakota? Am I confused?! Oh well doesn't matter! Following up their debut, The Sound of Pseudoscience, Portland's The Weather Machines are rolling out a brand new 6 track EP! The Bones & Brains EP has a 70s pop to it that I dig, with lots of hooks and lots of high energy guitar. The EP drops November 25 via Tigers Against Crime records. We got a track for you off that EP...also check out more on their myspace.

Parts of Speech
oldie: Modern Text On Love

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After six years, The Notwist reappear

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ever since I first heard Consequence, I fell in love with The Notwist. I cannot resist a melancholic melody with a good steady beat. Something about it makes me feel like I'm in a movie, or feel seemingly important somehow. Anyway.

For those of you who were fans of The Notwist's earlier albums (including Neon Golden with my said favorite song), be pleasantly surprised that the group has released their newest album, Boneless. It's literally been six years since they've released their previous one.

I personally can't say that I love there newest single, Boneless, as much as I loved Consequence. It just doesn't have that same uniqueness that that song captured before, but you can listen and decide for yourself. And for some good old fashion lovin' I put up Consequence.



They're touring now and if you're in NYC, they're playing tomorrow night at Webster Hall!

MON 10/13 - Webster Hall New York, NY
TUE 10/14 - First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA
WED 10/15 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
THU 10/16 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
FRI 10/17 - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago, IL
SAT 10/18 - Turner Hall - Milwaukee, WI
MON 10/20 - Bluebird - Denver, CO
TUE 10/21 - In the Venue - Salt Lake City, UT
WED 10/22 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA
FRI 10/24 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC
SAT 10/25 - Berbati's Pan - Portland, OR
MON 10/27 - Bimbo's - San Francisco, CA
WED 10/29 - Henry Fonda Theater - Los Angeles, CA

p.s. -It's good to be back, moving has been exhausting, but I'm now
officially in NY.


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New Le Man Avec Les Lunettes!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What's up everyone! LE MAN AVEC LES LUNETTES's got a new one out called Plaskplaskabombelibom, which I have no clue to the meaning! But I do know they are an "Italian project, that have a French name and that sings in English." LMALL does up some nice indie pop and finally releases a full length after splits and EPs. The album dropped last week so go pick it up here. We got two songs off that Plaskplaskabombelibom album for you!

Nothing is Really Blue
A Summer Song

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Kinestic Stereokids Want You To 'Have A Nice Day'

Friday, October 03, 2008

When I heard "Have A Nice Day" off the new EP I was thrown off. It sounded like a indie folk band. After listening for a bit you slowly get the drops of Kinetic Stereokids. Ahhh there you are. This new track is very pleasant with a buncha sounds and probably the most vocals I've heard from them. It's different, but I still dig it. Basement Kids made it to my ears countless times this past year and I'm ultra excited for the full length sophomore Kid Moves. Chill to the tracks below and listen more here.

Have A Nice Day

Old but good:
Explosions Were Heard

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Jared Mees & The Grown Children!

Long time no see, we've been busy over here but also I'm not entirely into writing about stuff we don't like! Thanks for stickin' by, we got a ton of music for you coming this next week. Before we head out, I wanted to let you know about Jared Mees & The Grown Children and their Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money album rolling out next week! Like everyone else I really enjoy Jared's songwriting. It's playful and folky pop with everyone joining in on the chorus. Check out their CD release show tomorrow night in their native Portland and giev a listen below.

Trampling Daisies


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New EP From Jonna Lee

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is a total random thought I had today but I realized how sucky it is when a crappy band has a really good name. Feel Me? Okay now to the music. One of my early on favorites was an artist named Jonna Lee and what do you know? She has a brand new EP rollin' out called This War and needless to say after giving it a listen I am ultra excited for her! It's 5 sweet indie pop songs that gets you really into the Scandinavian music scene (it's huge). There's even a beautiful song with guest Ed Harcourt called And You Love. Get it via Klicktrack for less than 5 bucks and while you're there, check out More modern short stories from..., Hello Saferide's sophomore!
Also she'll be touring a little in Sweden...oh yea...that's right...we live in Russia. =(

The new stuff!
The Light

Old but oh so good stuff!
Out Of My Mind
DC Sleeps Alone Tonight (Postal Service Cover)

And of course the dope new video!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

San Francisco based folkgazers
GIRLS make some of the most face melting, haunting, and dreamy music I have heard in a long time. Don't be surprised if you find yourself listening to their songs on repeat, over and over -- this stuff is uber catchy. To me, their music is the quintessential sonic lovechild of My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys. The band is a two piece outfit, sometimes more in the live setting, and consists of Christopher Owens and Chet "JR" White. I had the chance to ask Christopher some questions via e-mail:

Gaurav: Where are you guys from originally?
Christopher: I was born in Miami, Florida and JR was born in Santa Cruz, California

G: How long after the demise of your old band Curls did you start working on material for Girls?
C: I started writing the songs you've been hearing on myspace immediately after Curls became officially over, I was upset about Curls having to break up and determined to show the other ex member of Curls what a huge mistake she'd made. And then I started recording them with JR a couple months after that.

G: Tell me about the first time you met JR. What was it like?
C: The first friend I made when I moved to San Francisco introduced me to him and we basically just got drunk everyday all together and spent a lot of time with our group of friends, going to the beach, listening to music, watching tv, crashing parties, going to shows, everybody took turns dating each other too..we're a family of crazy people.

G: Is the band a full time time commitment, or do you both have other jobs?
C: The band is everything, but we have other hustles for right now to support ourselves. Hopefully soon that can change.

G:When did Girls form and how long have you been playing?
C: Girls formed in 2008, and our first show was in February.

Lust For Life the first 7" inch the band has released?
C: Yes, the first and only one at this point.

G: Are all copies really sold out?
C: Sold out for real man.

G: If I remember correctly, you all played some shows in Europe. How was the reception?
C: Hella good, very warm and sincere, very basic and honest. They just hear it at face value and love it, no politics, no bullshit.

G: How is gigging abroad different than playing in the states?
C: We really like it, there was definitely a wider age group at the shows, and and a wider variety of people as well. It also just feels more exciting the further you get from home.

G: Are you planning on touring in support of the 7"?
C: I guess we did a little bit, but now that we're back we just wanna finish recording our album, and maybe put together a band that can stay together and grow with us, because so far we play with different friends each gig, and we kind of have to go back to square one for each show, but we'd both really like to find some people to form the permanent band with now, and then tour for the album and all.

G: How did you end up befriending Abby Portner of the band Rings?
C: I used to play in a band called Holy Shit and we played a show together, all three of those girls and i form a close bond that we still have to this day. They're awful sweet, and fun and we just hit it off right off the bat.

G: When can we expect an LP? Is True Panther going to release it?
C: Oh, you'll have it soon enough, just as soon as it's ready. Yes, our debut album is with True Panther.

G: What is the most fucked up / insane show you've ever played?
C: We haven't had one yet. Nothing fucked yet. They're all insane though. I mean, come on. Art is insanity isn't it?

G: What artists/records/albums have you been enamored with as of late?
C: Ariel Pink - Haunted Graffiti, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segal, The Traditional Fools, The Sic Alps

G: Three all time favorite bands? Favorite SF act?

G: Favorite bands to play with?
C: Nirvana, Spiritualized, Janes Addiction.

G: Would you rather be holed up in a studio or on the road? Why?
C: Holed up in the studio for sure, I'm a song writer, I get off on writing them and recording them, and that's it, the rest is torture, hard work, stressful, dangerous.

G: What are you currently reading?
C: Queer, by William S. Burroughs

G: Last great film you saw?
C: Man on Wire.




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The Piano Creeeeps!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've always been a fan of bands that are formed out of friendships, mutual respect and one to few time collaborations. The Piano Creeps are Billy Cote, Mary Lorson and Kathy Ziegler and they each have their own singer-songwriter experiences all over the place. There's lots of history here and it's awesome to yet again find them makin' albums. The experimental Future Blues album drops Oct. 14 via The Kora Recs (The Great Northwest, Gregor Samsa). We got the single for you! Check it out!

Hey Love


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Donora = Jake, Jake, and Casey!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'd say this is Pittsburg's most delightful pop trio! Donora is Jake, Jake, & Casey and they dropped into my attention through their overlooked EP IV, no worries I found it! They've got a brand new full length droppin' in November and I can not not wait. I think it's because I have "The Chorus" in heavy rotation here at our office. This song is sooo rad and it's got the epitome of contagious pop melody spilling out. Check out The Chorus and be sure to join their mailing list for updates. Also check out that dope MIA - PaperPlanes cover. WTFreeeaaak?! Swell done Donora, Swell done indeed.

The Chorus

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Brass Bed's Makin' Indie Gold!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Currently I am raising funds for a film and it's hectic as crap. This stuff is difficult! But not to worry, good things are-a-comin'! Amidst that subtle sanity I've got the pleasure of listenin' to Louisiana up-comer Brass Bed's self released Midnight Matinee which drops next week. It's filled with a buncha sorta country-ish doowoppin' psychedelia. To me it's like Beach Boys + Strokes + happiness on a road trip. Whatever it might be, I dig the poppy fun these guys bring. They are gonna be playin' some shows in places like TX and NC soon so be sure to catch a show and email me and make me jealous. Listen to it, and put it in your new yellow nano. They're so hot right now.

Polar Bird
So I Shrugged My Shoulders

"Cucumber Sandwiches, A dog eating peanut-covered homework" hehe Lollersk8!

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Jessica Lea Mayfield's With Blasphemy, So Heartfelt

Friday, August 29, 2008

I think in this picture you can really feel the bass below your feet! I know I know, you can punch me for that one, but you gotta admit that it looks pretty rad! Jessica Lea Mayfield is pretty much one of the luckier 18 year old singer songwriters out there, yes yes I know she's talented but come on, how often does your debut album get produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and then parade it with your brother playing the stand-up0 in opening sequences all over a U.S. Black Keys tour? Infact that's pretty much a unaninmous "never" sorta rhetoric.

If you're a fan of darker, indie folk with lots of hit-the-road alone attitude, you're gonna love this Ohioan. I can't help but think of artists like Cat Power when I hear Jessica which is nothing short of a good thing. With Blasphemy, So Heartfelt rolls out September 16th, and you can catch her on tour very soon with a CD-Release kick off in Cleveland! Also check out this dope video of her jammin' around with the Avett Brothers (I digg'em lots).

Kiss Me Again

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New Mason Proper!

I totally can't remember what in the world 'olly oxen free' means, or when you are supposed to yell it! With my new NY pal Audrey's helpful enlightenment, you say it after you play hide-and-go-seek to make everyone come out. Now that that's clear, let me tell you about an exciting sophomore effort coming from Michigan's 5-piece, Mason Proper! There's some interesting story telling going on in this album (if you want to call it that) but I can't help but get excited over each electronic synth and sound spread throughout the tracks. Lock and Key has it beginning at the 7-second mark. Do you hear it? I dig those noises. Olly Oxen Free is rolling out in a few weeks but you can pre-order here with a FREE dvd!

Lock and Key

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The Tidy Ups!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

As I have been trying to explain to my doctor, the Tidy Ups are the main cause for my lot of injuries this week. I was humming the Tidy Ups when I walked into the street lamp and I was singing the Tidy Ups when I tripped over the curb. The most painful of all was falling onto my back while shimmying on a newly-polished floor and I hardly need to tell you what was playing at the time.

The Swedish band's EP, Dizzy Heights, harks from 2006 (that's only two years ago, people!) and is quite a catchy little thing. The low-fi twee hits a perfect note - it's not too sugary and has a charming sloppiness about it. There is an unpolished modesty to the EP that makes it that little bit more likeable. I've left you with the bouncy title track, which is now your new getting-ready-in-the-morning song. Even the grumpiest will find it hard to resist a foot-tapping session. But, for now, we can only just cross our fingers (go on, do it now!) and hope that we'll be hearing more from the Tidy-Ups. I won't taking my doctor's advice and I will keep this one playing.

The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Heights

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Delta Spirit's Ode To Sunshine!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All the moments in life need good soundtracks, know what I mean? That's why when you listen to old favorite Weezer albums or 80s, 90s hits you reminisce about what you were doing, who you had crushes on, and in my case, how immature you were based on the stupid things you did for fun! I've heard so much good stuff this summer but I really have to hand it to Delta Spirit's debut Ode To Sunshine as one of my top feel good favorites! I'd go on about San Diego's awesome 5some but I just really want you to hear it! When you're done with those tracks, hype up for the August 26th release, and when you're hooked go check a show here, and I'll totally see you there.



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The Pop Project's Not-so Concept Album!

Half a decade after their 2nd full-length release, Life is Life, The Pop Project has finally dropped their lastest, Stars of Stage & Screen! This Michigan pop 4tet has taken several elements like indiepop, jazz, broadway, and other can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it piles of music into one sweet album. They've got lil pieces of everything and have the ability to make it really fun. It's sometimes sounds like 80s and 90s television showtunes! Bottom line this is the good kind of contagious music good for anytime. Pick up this album here! Get a taste below!

You've Won The Lottery
Stand In

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Band Of Annuals Showin' You the Countryside!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salt Lake's 6-piece, Band Of Annuals has all the heartfillers of country, unique blends of folk-pop, and enough story tellin' to keep you company. I begin to reminisce a compilation of bitter sweet moments when I listen to tracks like "If You're Looking for Love" and "Don't Let Me Die." This stuff is turning indie kids into country lovers. They've got a couple EPs out and their full-length release last year, Let Me Live is full steam ahead to your ears with an awesome tour going on and and and there's a Cinema Bar show tonight in Culver City!

Blood On My Shirt
If You're Looking For Love

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A little B-side love

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Tuesday to all of y'all. It's August and I can't believe that another Fall is approaching agh. Anyway I was hunting up some B-sides the other night and thought you might enjoy some of these. Some of these have been around for awhile but my favorites are Deathcab's best version of Cyndi Lauper and Sufjan's Jacob. Enjoy!

Kevin Drew - One Night Man
Sufjan Stevens - Jacob
Metric - Parkdale
DeathCab for Cutie - Girls Just Want to Have Fun (live)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (acoustic)
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Remix)


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Bark Hide & Horn Embark On National Roads!

Friday, August 01, 2008

My brother is always talkin' about all the dope things Portland has to offer and though I totally believe him, these guys really push the case. Portland's quartet, Bark Hide & Horn, has been around since 2005 but they're finally debuting with their first full-length, National Road. It's filled with high horn content folk thrown in there are things like glocks, vibraphones, mandolins and trombones. The album was inspired by past issues of National Geographic and spefically tell a story of the magazine's editor, Melville Bell Grosvenor. Sounds dope to me! They also got some upcoming shows after their August 8th release.

Treasure of The Everglades

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Jordan Geiger Goes Solo!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I like the big fat tiger cat sitting on the piano bench haha, LOLz! Sitting next to fatty is Jordan Geiger who you might remember from such bands as the guitarist for Appleseed Cast (one of my huge favs), Minus Story and Shearwater. Come October you can pick up a copy of his debut Oh, Ramona which features his bedroom style recordings of sweet poppy, synthetic and lo-fi little darlings. Hospital Ships is the official moniker and oh lucky you, we've got the single! Pre-order via Graveface Recs.

Bitter Radio Single

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Noah and the Whale

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

With their boyish good-looks and London charisma to add, the members of Noah and the Whale, are probably anticipating a good day for their September 16th release of their new album "Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down." Not to judge a record by its cover (or title), or an artist(s) by his looks, but this was probably one of the coolest packaged CDs we received, in its simple brown paper case, semi-abstract/semi-lego-like cover art and neatly printed type/font slightly reminiscent of a refined version of comic sans.

But let's get to the meat of the matter, which is the music. Simply put, "Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down" is a "nice" collection of folk-pop songs. What I mean is that there are some songs that are stronger than others, and others that feel randomly out of character like "Second Lover." The crisp clear guitar picking, though simple in it's melodic character, makes it's motif-like appearance throughout the album and I enjoy it. It peeks it's head out to say howdy in "2 Atoms in a Molecule," subtly makes it's reappearance in "Death by Numbers" and serves as a beautiful, simple (though repetitious) accompaniment in "Mary" - one of my favorites of the albums which, along with other songs on the record, incorporate violin (trumpets, female vocals and such make their appearance on others).

I'm not sure how people will feel about listening to an entire album of frontman Charlie's voice which is reminiscent of Emmanuel and the Fear meets Jens Lekman, which is up some people's alley. Whatever your preference, you will be sure to find your joy in corners and places of their album, whether you dig upbeat, feel good songs with a twinkle-like timbre (I mean this in a good way), or more mellow tunes. And for self-proclaimed "Serious Amateurs" I definitely give them applause.

2 Atoms in a Molecule
Shape of My Heart

Btw, they have a well put together/designed site which in itself is pretty cool to check out.


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Wintersleep Welcomes YOU to the Night Sky!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

After a successful 2005 self-titled sophomore fully, Wintersleep is back on the scene with their brand new album, Welcome to the Night Sky, set to drop in mid October. These guys have already received acclaim and a Much Music Award for their Weighty Ghost music video. Also these Halifaxians are touring in support of that album with Wolf Parade and others! Just some really good indie rock and my favorite is when other members of the band rock with their back-up vocals on choruses and echoes. Check out two tracks below and hit their tour here.

Weighty Ghost


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Jay Brannan 'Can't Have it All'

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So I really dig this new guy, Jay Brannan. He's got a really light smooth voice, that pairs awesomely with the light guitar picking on his tracks and simple melodies. In a way he kind of reminds me of a simpler, happier version of Jason Mraz meets Sondre Lerche. It's lighter fare that reminds me of happier times, but with lyrics that are straightforward in their storytelling narrative.

My favorite is "Can't Have it All" below, and "At First Sight" which addresses issues like responding to craiglist ads and not loving the guy you're sleeping with. Interesting, haha.

He's got some tour dates too so check them out if you like what you hear.

Jul 18 2008 8:00P Vinyl Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 20 2008 8:30P The Loft Dallas, Texas
Jul 22 2008 8:00P El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, California
Jul 24 2008 8:30P Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California
Jul 25 2008 6:00P Doug Fir Portland, Oregon
Jul 26 2008 7:30P Triple Door Seattle, Washington
Jul 28 2008 9:00P Lakeshore Theatre Chicago, Illinois
Aug 23 2008 7:00P Bodega Nottingham, UK

And so on and so forth.
Can't Have it All
At First Sight


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Courtney Marie Andrews brings some lovin' from Phoenix

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thanks to one of our readers, we were introduced to Courtney Marie Andrews -a Phoenix native, songwriter, guitarist, banjo-ist and singer. This folk indie artist has brought back something that a lot of popular indie music has been lacking lately - depth and substance. I love the banjo, guitar picking, the accordian, vocals and harmonies.

Here's one her videos, and of course, check out her myspace here.


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Gettin' Into The Mood's Synaesthesia!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Tuesday! New York's The Mood has just rolled out their brand new 6-track record Synaesthesia via their own label Outright Rock Records! These guys bring a lot of dancing indie pop fun with sweet harmonies from cousins Argiro and Corinne. It's perfect for the summertime. With a couple EPs already released, The Mood is well on their way to some serious indie stardom not to mention their shows at CMJ, SXSW, and recently featured tracks on MTV's The Real World. Watch for a tour this fall...in the meant time you can grab their new album Synaesthesia here. Check out two tracks below!

Eskimo Scientist

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The Zoos Of Berlin!

I'd have to say this self titled 3 track EP from Detroit's Zoos Of Berlin is very strong and makes for a good case to anticipate a full length! I first gave a listen to them after hearing that one of their band members also plays for Pas/Cal which has a new one out! The beginning of these three tracks really set the tone for the songs, slowly introducng the vocals with subtle instrumentation and electronics. Their mellow sway heavy experimental sound makes us look forward to a debut hopefully rollin' out soon! You can pick up that EP here. Check out the track below!

On Large Amusements

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Takka Takka Introduces their Migration!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Sunday! It's agreed that New York's Takka Takka have definitely matured their sound, but not from bad to good but from good to even better! They definitely kept their experimental edge with mellow indie tracks full of catchy instrumentation. The new sophomore full-length effort Migration is rollin' out at the end of this month via Ernest Jenning. Also they've got residency at NY's Pianos so definitely go check them out. We got two tracks for you off that new album. ENJOYYY!

Everybody Say
The Takers

7-03 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall
7-15 – New York, NY @ Pianos (Record Release Residency)
7-22 – New York, NY @ Pianos (Record Release Residency)
7-24 – Chicago, IL @ Daytrotter Session!
7-25 – Chicago, IL @ Shubas
7-26 – Madison, WI @ The Frequency - Madison
7-29 – New York, NY @ Pianos (Record Release Residency)

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Takka Takka's Migration out July 29th

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brooklyn's own Takka Takka are releasing their sophomore album Migration July 29th. It's got bits of world music, from cowbell to gamelan and little sonic bits here and there. It's this interesting amalgam of sounds that I would never have pegged to fit together, but somehow it does. The result is a sound that's semi-meditative and chill. A lot of critics have likened it to indie-music for "self-conscious loners."

We've included Everybody Say, which I really like, that has a line which goes, "Who died?/ Who died?/You." a bit bleak but does challenge you to kind of meditate on what you've been tolerating in your life and letting get the best of you. And I like "She said: 'Take it easy'/ 'But it's hard'/Take it easy'" I really like that kind of encouragement.

Perhaps these kind of introspective lyrics are influenced by lead singer Gabe Levine's mother's spirtual awakening and the subsequent conversations between them that ensued.

Just check it out.
Everybody Say
The Takers


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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Although the Minneapolis rock band Vicious Vicious hasn't had a near recent release, I have been listening to them non-stop, especially Here Come Tha Police, off their Don't Look So Surprised album. Their latest, Parade, dropped last September continued their progression of sound with what I thougt was a little bit more mellow but then I heard Charmed which rocks out. You get a good blend of the pop keys with touches of shoe-gazey electronics. And just for you, I have selected a song from each album.

We Don't Call It Love
Don't Look So Surprised
Here Come Tha Police
Blood & Cover
Shake That Ass On The Dance Floor


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Happy Monday! Boababs and a Playlist for you

Monday, June 30, 2008

Start Monday off fresh with some music! Though it ain't new music it will cure your Monday blues, unless mellow, Elliot Smith-type of music is more your thing...which this has none of.

That is a boabab. One of the songs I've included is Boababs by Regina Spektor. Whether or not it's a throwback to The Little Prince, the song immediately makes me envision that one illustration from the book. It's a picture of the boababs taking over an entire planet. Know which one I'm talking about? If not, check out the book, it's beautiful and insightful.

Oversleeping - I'm From Barcelona
The Magic Position- Patrick Wolf
Chinese Translation - M. Ward
Maple Leaves (7" Version)- Jens Lekman
Tisbury Lane - Mae
Don't Stop - Brazilian Girls
Digital Love (Daft Punk cover) - Mobius Band
Boababs- Regina Spektor


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The Black Ghosts Release Debut Album in July

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simon Lord and Theo King make up The Black Ghosts. Both from respective bands (Simian and The Wiseguys), the two have joined to make an electro-synth sound that's at once dark with goth influences, yet at the same time, inspires dance-floor moves. In a way they're lyrically intelligent songs with a beat, so you can shake your groove thang without being embarrassed that the songs are about your moneymaker.

The two guys are currently touring and have apparently received positive reviews on their Australian shows and SXSW shows. I personally dig some of the remixes that others have done on their songs, which I've included below, and also The Black Ghosts remix of The Gossip song, "Listen Up." Look out for their album, coming out July 8th.

Any Way You Choose to Give It
Any Way You Choose to Give it (Fake Blood Mix)
Listen Up (The Black Ghosts Remix)

Tour Dates
7/19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Studio B
7/22 - Toronto, ON @ Wrong Bar
7/24 - Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar
7/25 - San Francisco, CA @ Mighty
7/26 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
7/27 – Los Angeles, CA @ Turntable Lab (Album Release Party) * Black Ghosts Will Not Be Playing *


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Mar Produces Atmospheric Indie Sound

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mar is one of those bands that I wish I had discovered earlier, so that I could have enjoyed them longer. Comparing bands to other bands can be somewhat disrespectful, however I have to say that there are traces of xylophonic Album Leaf influences, the kind of fragile vocals reminiscent of Magnet, and the kind of emotional draw capable of the likes of Sigur Ros. And it's no wonder when their debut album featured Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf and was recorded in the same studio in Iceland where Sigur Ros recorded.

Despite the comparisons, Mar has it's own sound - one that's at once beautiful, emotional, and yet doesn't have that makes-you-want-to-cry effect. Which, in my opinion is great! Because crying is overrated anyway.

Here are some treats for ya, off Mar's latest album, The Sound, recorded in Arkansas where they're from.
Mother Star Sun


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Francis International Airport's Debut!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Friday! It's awesome to come into the office Friday morning and the first thing you jump into is an awesome new band. We've got Austrian 5-piece Francis International Airport coming to you with their full length debut, We Are Jealous, We Are Glass! These guys have an awesome electro-poppy sound with dancey hooks and sweet synthy beats. The album is out now on Siluh records and you can pick it up here.

Words On Logs
Neon Sign

Their new music video for Words On Logs is awesome. The instruments remind me Picasso's Guitar which I jumped up and touched at the MoMa in NY (Yea can you say you've touched it? especially when there is a sign that clearly says DO NOT TOUCH!)

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PAS/CAL to release full length album in July

Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you haven't heard of indie poppers PAS/CAL you will when they release their full length album on July 22nd called I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura. This is the kind of music that's fun, rambling, filled with clever lyrics and quirky tidbits of organ, experimental guitar, and playful melody. We've included one of the tracks, "You Were Too Old For Me" below. It's a single song that's seems almost musically divided into separate acts. It strikes me as a somewhat organized stream of consciousness that comes back full circle to a familiar melody dotted with handclaps and oohs.

It's thoroughly fun music that is far from mundane or mind numbing. What a joy. Search no more for your summer music. And listen to the track below,

You Were Too Old For Me


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