Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yo Yo one of Portland's dopest indie bands, HOCKEY, is generously giving away a super special vinyl edition of their upcoming debut album Mind Chaos! BBQCHICKENROBOT.com is giving away 2 of these hot vinyls for FREE! Did we mention that these are signed by the band? (whut!!)
Alls you gotta do is drop us an e-mail with your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS! We'll choose two people at random so get those in to us ASAP! We'll pick winners on July 1st, 12:00pm (west coastie!).

If you haven't already heard their awesome single Too Fake, no worries we got you covered via mp3 and vids. Also get the Filthy Dukes Remix of Learn to Lose here.

Too Fake

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This will be our 3rd official FREE CD Giveaway! All you have to do is send us an email and give us your name and address! It's soooooo easy! We are giving away over 70 CDs total! We've got albums from bands like Heroes of the Dance Floor, The Script, Curumin, Audrye Sessions, Joseph Arthur, Calexico, Said The Whale, Thing-One, Marissa Nadler, Ben Folds, Boo & Boo Too, Emmanuel Jal, just to name a few.


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MySpace Music Tour: Justice VIP Tickets Giveaway! FREE TIX!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's up everyone! We've worked hard to get these sweet Justice MySpace Music Tour tickets and we're givin' them away for FREE!!! That's right, it's FREE!! We got a pair of VIP tickets for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin, TX and you can bet they'll be sold out! French House DJ duo Justice will be accompanied by Chromeo, DJ Medhi, Busy P and other Ed Bangers crew throughout the U.S. tour.

How do you get these tickets? Well, we are giving them away for FREE so no money is involved. After a bit of pondering we've decided to give you a few fun options!
Pick One of these or you can do both for 2 entries!

1. Make a 30 second or less video of why you should get these tickets. Please no gross stuff. Get creative! It doesn't have to haev crazy editting, it can be simple, whatever you'd like! also Post our URL on your website, Facebook, or Myspace etc. and send us the link to it.
2. Make a T-shirt or a T-shirt design and send it to us! It can be related to Justice or music in general. Get creative! also Post our URL on your website, Facebook, or Myspace etc. and send us the link to it.

How to Enter, Rules and Info:
To enter, send us your video, T-shirt, or T-shirt design to us here. If you have a T-shirt to send us, we'll give you our addy upon emailing us. Along with that please send us your full name, some info about what you made, Age, and Which tickets you want to win!
ALL ENTRIES must be in by Midnight, Wednesday February 6th, 2008!

-No dirty stuff on anything (keep it clean!). Dirty stuff = nudity, profanity, etc.
-Only 1 entry per person per option. This means You can enter in option 1 AND 2, you'll get two entries in. But you can't make two videos, etc.
-Keep the videos under 30 seconds. Send us a link to them via YouTube, MySpace etc. Please don't upload them to an email attachment, we're afraid of viruses! ahh!
-T-shirts should be S,M, or L...I know that sounds weird but it'll save you some money on shipping and none of us where XL+....not yet atleast =)
-We keep the T-shirts, sorry we can't ship them back!
-Send us your T-Shirt design either by taking a picture of it, or uploading a jpeg to your e-mail.

The small print:
BBQCHICKENROBOT.com or anyone who writes for us or is affiliated to us is NOT responsible for any harm or danger you might put yourself into when creating your T-shirts or Videos. Don't jump off buildings, or burn things or eat paints. This is a fun contest, don't hurt yourself over it! You can do that in the pit when you get to the show! We don't own Justice or their music. We are not affiliated with them except we love their music like you! We also don't own MySpace...Fox does...Tom is our friend but not our bff! We don't sell your information that we receive to anyone. We just want to give away tickets to people who love music, and this is just a creative way to make it happen. Thanks to all our friends continually spreading music! Props to you!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

BBQCHICKENROBOT.COM is giving away a Free a ROCK BAND stocking stuffer prize pack that has a Rock Band T-shirt, Rock Band Stickers and Rock Band Drum Sticks! Best part: All you have to do is send us an email with your name, and e-mail address to Howdy@bbqchickenrobot.com. Wow that's easy! We'll pick a winner Saturday the 8th! so hurry hurry!
If you haven't already heard about Rock Band, you've probably been under a rock. Harmonix, MTV Games, and Electronic Arts have teamed up to bring you one of the most interactive games of the century! Go solo or start a band in this years Best in Show 2007 video game at E3! Music Fans and Gamers unite!
If for some reason you are not convinced this is the raddest game around, no worries, Rock Band is on tour! That's right, you wanted semi trucks with games ready to go. Check out these tour dates!

West Coast
12/06 Austin - U Texas - Student Co Op Bldg
12/07 Austin - U Texas - Student Co Op Bldg
12/08 Austin - Best Buy - US Hwy 290 W
12/09 Austin - Best Buy - US Hwy 290 W
12/13 Dallas - Best Buy - Pleasant Pl
12/14 Dallas - Best Buy - LBJ Fwy
12/15 Dallas - Best Buy - N Central Expy
12/16 Dallas - Best Buy - N Central Expy
East Coast
12/01 Orlando - Best Buy - E Colonial Drive
12/05 Auburn - AU - Quad Dr/Student Union Bldg
12/06 Tuscaloosa - UA - Ferguson Center Plaza
12/07 Tuscaloosa - UA - Ferguson Center Plaza
12/08 Birmingham - Best Buy - Riverchase Village
12/13 Tampa - Best Buy - Grand Regency
12/14 Tampa - Best Buy - 6600 22nd Ave
12/15 Tampa - Best Buy - N Dale Mabry Hwy
12/16 Tampa - Best Buy - N Dale mabry Hwy

Get your entries in now!


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