Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are a trio, sometimes they are not. If there is one band that has and will stay true to the DIY term, it's these guys. The band is all swirled out colors, flushing upwards through the atmosphere. Spaced out, dreamy, part folk, part punk thrash, ambience and shoegazing abound. I asked guitarist Luke Namee some questions, you can read them below.

Gaurav: How has playing the West Coast been so far, and what makes it different from other tours you've been on?
BBDDM: West coast is really rad. Recently the X-men moved to San Francisco from New york and that really motivated me to come to the west coast.

: Tell our readers a little bit about the genealogy of your tour van
: Our last van Planet Claire was hit by a drunk driver, which was a bummer for all parties involved. so our friend Brad sold us the old Blood on the Wall van. Its also used by Boo and Boo Too and the Rooftop Vigilantes and has recently started making this weird clanking sound.

G: What's been the best show on this tour so far?
BBDDM: We all have different opinions, usually because of girls. Drew says in Rhinoceropolis in Denver and Allen isn't here right now. Beat Box Fred in Olympia was fantastic.

G: Which city are you most excited to hit within the next month?
BBDDM: Phoenix and the desert.

G: What are future plans for Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk?
BBDDM: We're out here for few weeks. A full US tour in May and June and some split cassettes. Puppycat 7 inch and coloring book. Lots of sleep.

: Three most listened to records on tour..
: Yellow Elephant. the Inland Empire / Married in Berdichev split tape and the new TI Paper Trail.

G: When you are not actually playing a show, where do you and the rest of the band most often find yourselves? BBDDM: In the van. We read a lot. Allen is reading the Phantom Tollbooth and Drew is reading Tales from Jabba's Palace. I only read comics. Smoke weed.

: What is Chomp Womp? Where would you direct people to learn more about the background/ history and functions of this entity?
BBDDM: Chomp Womp is the battle cry of the california whale dolphin, mascot of the seattle superdome. To learn more about Chomp Womp see no school get fucked up or call 316 393 6047

: How many shows do you think BBDDM have played in the last year?
: One hundred shows

: Last movie/ tv show/ cartoon you guys watched together?
BBDDM: Last night in a motel we watched Tom and Jerry. Saw Mean Girls recently which was way good.

: Favorite superhero? Favorite comic book?
BBDDM: Wolverine. hands down. Such a badass character, and he kills people. Batman has been pretty interesting lately, with Grant Morrison eluding to his death a lot. Grant Morrison loves to fuck his characters up. All the X-men series' are tying together really well too, with the unifying threat of the Hellfire Cult and constant hints of Jean Grey's return. Astonishing x-men has been consistent in its entire run as well. Drew says Luke Skywalker but only in Return of the Jedi. Allen says Frank.

: Favorite venue?
BBDDM: Scrummage University

"Fort Pork Chop" from the Puppycat EP

Tour dates:
12.10 - Portland, OR (Live on KPSU)
12.11 - Santa Barbara, CA (Live on KCSB)
12.12 - Claremont, CA (Ecoterra Health Market)
12.13 - Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
12.14- Los Angeles, CA (Echo Curio)
12.15- Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
12.16- Phoenix, AZ (The Trunk Space)
12.17- Albuquerque, NM (1817 Gold Ave)
12.18- Santa Fe, NM (MEOW WOLF)
12.19- Lubbock, TX (Bright House)
12.20- Wichita, KS (Eagles Lodge)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

San Francisco based folkgazers
GIRLS make some of the most face melting, haunting, and dreamy music I have heard in a long time. Don't be surprised if you find yourself listening to their songs on repeat, over and over -- this stuff is uber catchy. To me, their music is the quintessential sonic lovechild of My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys. The band is a two piece outfit, sometimes more in the live setting, and consists of Christopher Owens and Chet "JR" White. I had the chance to ask Christopher some questions via e-mail:

Gaurav: Where are you guys from originally?
Christopher: I was born in Miami, Florida and JR was born in Santa Cruz, California

G: How long after the demise of your old band Curls did you start working on material for Girls?
C: I started writing the songs you've been hearing on myspace immediately after Curls became officially over, I was upset about Curls having to break up and determined to show the other ex member of Curls what a huge mistake she'd made. And then I started recording them with JR a couple months after that.

G: Tell me about the first time you met JR. What was it like?
C: The first friend I made when I moved to San Francisco introduced me to him and we basically just got drunk everyday all together and spent a lot of time with our group of friends, going to the beach, listening to music, watching tv, crashing parties, going to shows, everybody took turns dating each other too..we're a family of crazy people.

G: Is the band a full time time commitment, or do you both have other jobs?
C: The band is everything, but we have other hustles for right now to support ourselves. Hopefully soon that can change.

G:When did Girls form and how long have you been playing?
C: Girls formed in 2008, and our first show was in February.

Lust For Life the first 7" inch the band has released?
C: Yes, the first and only one at this point.

G: Are all copies really sold out?
C: Sold out for real man.

G: If I remember correctly, you all played some shows in Europe. How was the reception?
C: Hella good, very warm and sincere, very basic and honest. They just hear it at face value and love it, no politics, no bullshit.

G: How is gigging abroad different than playing in the states?
C: We really like it, there was definitely a wider age group at the shows, and and a wider variety of people as well. It also just feels more exciting the further you get from home.

G: Are you planning on touring in support of the 7"?
C: I guess we did a little bit, but now that we're back we just wanna finish recording our album, and maybe put together a band that can stay together and grow with us, because so far we play with different friends each gig, and we kind of have to go back to square one for each show, but we'd both really like to find some people to form the permanent band with now, and then tour for the album and all.

G: How did you end up befriending Abby Portner of the band Rings?
C: I used to play in a band called Holy Shit and we played a show together, all three of those girls and i form a close bond that we still have to this day. They're awful sweet, and fun and we just hit it off right off the bat.

G: When can we expect an LP? Is True Panther going to release it?
C: Oh, you'll have it soon enough, just as soon as it's ready. Yes, our debut album is with True Panther.

G: What is the most fucked up / insane show you've ever played?
C: We haven't had one yet. Nothing fucked yet. They're all insane though. I mean, come on. Art is insanity isn't it?

G: What artists/records/albums have you been enamored with as of late?
C: Ariel Pink - Haunted Graffiti, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segal, The Traditional Fools, The Sic Alps

G: Three all time favorite bands? Favorite SF act?

G: Favorite bands to play with?
C: Nirvana, Spiritualized, Janes Addiction.

G: Would you rather be holed up in a studio or on the road? Why?
C: Holed up in the studio for sure, I'm a song writer, I get off on writing them and recording them, and that's it, the rest is torture, hard work, stressful, dangerous.

G: What are you currently reading?
C: Queer, by William S. Burroughs

G: Last great film you saw?
C: Man on Wire.




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