Stephaniesĭd's Hello From the South!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday everyone! We've got lots of music for you, let's kick this off with Stephaniesid! From what I've collected, they hail from Asheville, NC and they alter line-ups from time to time and tour to tour. I love Stephanie's vocals on tracks like The Weakling which give me flashbacks of Bjork singing on a pop record. Lots of instruments and lots of layers are packed into the new Warm People album, horn sections throughout are my fav. It's a beautiful album from beginning to end. Warm People will be available May 19th, pre-order here. They are currently on tour so check the dates here. Enjyo the tracks below!

The Weakling
Warm People

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Asobi Seksu

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love a lot of bands with female vocals, and I dig shoegaze so naturally I would think Asobi Seksu is dope. But it's not just the combination; Yuki Chikudate's floating and often effect heavy vocals with their timely shift to a rich dream-pop sound have much to do with it. It's their best yet and I think they've taken the appropriate steps musically from just shoegaze. Great soundscapes as well and some serious rocking on towards the later half of these tracks. I like how it's called Hush, but sounds quite the opposite. Asobi Seksu's HUSH is droppin' next week but you can get it here for $7! Check tour dates here.

Meh No Mae

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Jordan Geiger Goes Solo!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I like the big fat tiger cat sitting on the piano bench haha, LOLz! Sitting next to fatty is Jordan Geiger who you might remember from such bands as the guitarist for Appleseed Cast (one of my huge favs), Minus Story and Shearwater. Come October you can pick up a copy of his debut Oh, Ramona which features his bedroom style recordings of sweet poppy, synthetic and lo-fi little darlings. Hospital Ships is the official moniker and oh lucky you, we've got the single! Pre-order via Graveface Recs.

Bitter Radio Single

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We've Got Pretty Good Dance Moves!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Do you ever sing and dance in your car? This week on the way home from the studio I've been listening to lots of Pretty Good Dance Moves! Their dreamy electro-pop reminds me of a girlier loungier Postal Service. It's got the subtle synths of some of my Japanese electronic outfit favs. They use quite a range of instruments from vibraphone to mogs and you can definitely make it out when you get their new self-titled EP rollin' out July 17th! Check some tracks below and go here for more.



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Kuryakin's Still Here EP!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've been a longtime fan of Kuryakin ever since they began making music in '03. The Swedes, Petter and Johan have been makin' some sweet pop music with their Macs and guitars with several small releases throughout the years but finally they've got a new one called Still Here released on Shelflife. It's an EP but it's got several brand new songs from the duo to accompany your on coming summer dayzzz. You can get the special 7" and EP here!

Still Here
Peace of Mind

Also check out the Bossa version of A Parade, from their 2005 Birds Demo.

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Introducing The Fairline Parkway!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ever so often I like to put on my headphones and do some really late night bike riding around our town, and recently The Fairline Parkway has made the ride complete. Their lush instruments and mellow vocals is a perfect combination to just be calm and relaxed. I can't believe these guys are from D.C., they remind me more of some young good folks from Virginia or Kansas. Don't worry I'm not knockin' D.C. but just check the tracks. They've got their brand spankin' debut full length out via Kora Records. It'll be officially out May 27th as a part of special limited 500 die-cut micro series. Pre-order here. Check out these sweet indie pop jams from A Memory of Open Spaces!

Westward Bound
Charting Coastlines

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Soothing Sounds Of Morning Recordings

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This'll be short and sweet! Morning Recordings is a some odd 8 piece poppin' some nice loungey electronics, and often sooth grooves. Small hints of ambience which create complete utilized opportunities for beautiful harmonies. Chicago's Morning Recordings has a new album called The Welcome Kinetic via Loose Threads and if you're into the dreamy pop, you gotta pick that album up. We've got 3 tracks for you off their latest 10-track which will be more than enough to get you into it.

Sugar Waltz
The Welcome Kinetic
We Loved The City Years

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Case Of The Mondays With Chairs In The Arno!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The first thing that really caught my attention was how the band's name was derived, Check this out: Jeff, Jeff and Ryan, while studying in Florence, were drinking wine (lots of it) near the Arno River and they decided it would be a great idea to through the Chairs In The Arno. Random! Story gets better, Becca Hsu came on board and the band moved into the same house together and began to work at the same coffee shop! Late in '07, Chairs released their debut album File Folder off Mushpot Records. The album is packed with sweet synth filled pop tunes made from Moogs and Casiotones, drum machines and vocals layering over eachother. I would best describe it as late-night 0bsessions with nintendo and then piling to sleep in the Wii hours of the morning and having lovely dreams of living inside a video game. Listen to the Fun below!

Suit Pressed
Size Thirty

Get the album here
Happy Monday!

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Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong!

Monday, December 17, 2007

We got some more indie pop for you! For those who can't get enough, here's an awesome Brit pop, manchester rock london band. Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong is currently touring all over that U.K. land for 8 days straight nights with CSS and Kaiser Chiefs which show no signs of stopping; Beginning in mid January they'll be headlining towards the end of February which will include the Shockwaves NME Awards Tour. They're currently signed on with Vertigo Records who kindly boasts the likes of The Killers, Razorlight, The Rapture, etc. and it's definitely something to take note of. This band formed just last year as band former, Joe, decided to take his pop jams to the top! We're told their shows are nothing short of an intense hip shaking, limb flailing ordeal!

We've got two of their songs for you, and check out more here. Currently no full length yet, but it's coming!
Lucio States Fires
Tough Terrible

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Caribou's 2007 Tour CD

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's so crazy to me that Daniel V. Snaith is a Ph.D, not that smarties can't make music, but most musicians don't hold doctorates while trippin' on drugs and coming up with band names like "Caribou" with Canadian roots living in London...yea that's right. The talent has remained the same, but the Manitoba almost get sued Caribou has progressed in sound, atleast since when I first heard "Start Breaking My Heart" in '01 under the Manitoba OG name. There's a special Caribou Tour CD being sold only at shows. It contains a mix that's over a half hour and includes 6 exclusive tracks! Luckily for you Caribou is touring, infact there's a show at the Troubador this Friday for all you locals. Get the CD this weekend, in the meantime check out two of the tracks!

Shim Shimmer

Also recently Merge Records released Andorra, with 9 tracks you can stream right now!

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