Atlas Sound on Tour!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have no idea what is going on in the pictuer above but it looked interesting. Earlier this summer I stumbled upon the deep ambient pop noises of the Atlas Sound but definitely did not get around to sharing it. Bradford Cox, frontman for Deerhunter, is the soloist on his new album 'Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel' which is chuck full of the layered electronic soundscapes that step on the lines between pop and atmospheric rock-ish. Brad's on tour right now, check these dates.

Cold As Ice

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Telepathe - Chrome's On It EP

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chrome's On It EP is the latest offering from Brooklyn, NY based krautpunks Telepathe. The vocals on the title track, "Chrome's On It," ebb and flow nonchalantly over cash money influenced beats and reverbed synths. This song is definitely one of my favorite singles of 08. I'm really looking forward to their upcoming full length record, Dance Mother, produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio.

Chrome's On It EP

Side A
1. Chrome's On It
2. Chrome's On It (Mad Decent Remix)
3. Chrome's On It (The Mae Shi Remix)
4. Chrome's On It (Frankmusik Remix)
Side B
1. Bells
2. Bells (Free Blood Remix)
3. Bells (Bobby Evans Remix)

Buy the EP from IAMSOUND or iTunes

Telepathe - Chrome's On It

RIYL: Bjork, MIA, TV on the Radio

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Genji Siraisi, aka PushToBreak's Latest

Friday, April 18, 2008

Following up the dope slope sound from Censorsh!t, Groove Collective drummer Genji Siraisi is droppin' Surviving Freedom: Uncensored Remixes & Nauhgty Bits via Expansion Team Records in May! I love this album as it will be in biggie rotation. It features remixes and the like from label mates Balun, No Luck Club, etc. as well as an over 43 minute 4-part DJ set from Genji's alter ego, PushToBreak! You're gonna find lots of the ambient texts, some downtempo, rad random samplin and dancey junk, my fav being the organs on PushtoBreak's remash of TransfiguRingFreeWish. Check these tracks, and get the album when it drops in May 20th.

TransfiguRingFreeWish (Pushtobreak Remash)
Surviving Freedom (Alex Moulton Mix)

Off of Censorsh!t
What All

Keep your ears peeled for future sets as we does a good amount of that in the big Apple.

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Soothing Sounds Of Morning Recordings

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This'll be short and sweet! Morning Recordings is a some odd 8 piece poppin' some nice loungey electronics, and often sooth grooves. Small hints of ambience which create complete utilized opportunities for beautiful harmonies. Chicago's Morning Recordings has a new album called The Welcome Kinetic via Loose Threads and if you're into the dreamy pop, you gotta pick that album up. We've got 3 tracks for you off their latest 10-track which will be more than enough to get you into it.

Sugar Waltz
The Welcome Kinetic
We Loved The City Years

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Case Of The Mondays With Fin's Husky Rescue!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Scandinavian music rules, I'm not sure what it is but these days (days being the past 3+ years up until now) the bands from Europe are popping out everywhere. My guess is it's the public's outcry for something better than the radio. It's based on less humans tuning into the airwaves, the rise of social networking and blogs, and of course the fact that really good music can come from anywhere and people are realizing it (again). Are you feelin' me? Good. If you're currently into folk-indietronic, you're gonna dig Finland's 5 piece, Husky Rescue.

I'm going to especially highlight their remix album, Other World - Remixes & Rarities which is an awesome collection of mixes from bands like Bonobo and Tunng. It also features some rad acoustic sessions- all great stuff from their sophomore album Ghost Is Not Real which dropped early last year. Check the tracks below. Also get a buncha free Husky Rescue songs here. All that brought to you by talent and CatSkills Records.

Nightless Night (Fink Remix)
Gasoline Girl (acoustic session)

Happy Monday!

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