Quannum's General Elektriks Sopho!

Friday, June 26, 2009

If you've never heard of Herve 'RV' Salters, he's the French musical keyboard genius behind General Elektriks and the keys for peeps like Curumin, Jel, Blackalicious, etc. etc. He joined the Quannum crew who released his dope debut, Cliquety Kliqk, which was filled with cinematic fused hip hop, soul, funks, and plenty of pop. On his new joint, Good City for Dreamers, he packs a heavy tribute to his favs like Stevie Wonder and David Bowie while keeping a definitive GE arrangement with a ton of creativity. Herve is all over the place with this album. Track to track, it's a whole new gig with a lot of style, and Beck like flow.

This new stuff drops September 22nd and y'all need to look out for the pre-order. The album is Serious Swank (yea I said serious swank, you'll know when you hear it). You can stream the album on the site here. He's currently touring in Europe, check dates. We got the single and the complimentary/supplementary video. So good.

Take Back The Instant

GENERAL ELEKTRIKS "Take Back The Instant" from discograph on Vimeo.

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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Live!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I think I got enough soul and funk for a year from last night's show, but of course if you've seen them live, you know you can't get enough of it. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings completely killed last night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles performing songs old and new. She was and is the epitome of energy and movement. There's nothing quite like it especially when they are all just jammin' together. Included in the show was Jones' usual dance party on stage where she invites people up to dance with her and show off their skills. The Dap-Kings were inchin' for Let Them Knock and Jones invited a young boy to the stage. She tried to make it work but just as she got to "When we're makin' love..." she cut it and realized it wasn't the most appropriate song for him! "Shame on your parents for letting you come up here!"

They'll be heading up to SF, then Portland, Seattle and back to New York for back to back shows on the 13th and 14th. That will be an amazing Valentine's night! If you don't own the albums or vinyls or the Daptone 7" single's, please pick them up here, then go buy yourself a record player! We've got some tracks below and also check out their myspace for more tunage for some serious soul excitement!

What Condition My Condition
Nobody's Baby

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Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shawn Lee is one busy d00d rollin' out all these dope beats and doing projects left and right. The latest installment of Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Miles of Styles, is the 7th album on US label Ubiquity Records! This album is a reflection of his multicutural hometown London, the underground styles of Tokyo, the mega metro of NYC and elsewhere. Multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee has, has yet again crafted a masterpiece of sound dedicated to the world. Definitely something to chill to and appreciate. Get Miles of Styles via iTunes or Amazon now!

Miles of Style
Tokyo Dancer
Lagos Calling

Strings & Things (2006)
Ballade De Mela

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Nostalgia 77 One Offs, Remixes & B-Sides!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Benedic Lambdin has seriously done a number, I believe 7 to be exact. His latest effort, One Offs, Remixes, & B-Sides has instantly become one of my favorite albums of '08. The sheer collaborative background of this album, Lambdin's solid production and remixing skill, and the rarities of the Nostalgia 77 Octet all flex the enormous strength of this amazing compilation. I've had this album on some heavy rotation. This double disc is available now via the Etch Shop as well as the vinyl EP. You're gonna get elusive instrumentals, chill beats and remixes from TM Juke, Bonobo, Povo, and vocals from Corinne Bailey Rae, Beth Rowley, Alice Russell and tons more.

In Between The Lines (Alternate Unreleased Mix)
Your Love Is Mine ft. Corinne Bailey Rae (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
Quiet Dawn (Bonobo Remix)
Preview the entire album here. Check out Nostalgia 77s other amazing stuff.

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Marc Broussard is going to the NBA!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Listening to Marc Broussard makes me want to be a better musician. Along with his soul filled voice and the strumming of his guitar, Broussard catches the attention of the NBA!! It has been announced, from Broussard's newest EP album, "Must Be the Water", will become NBA official song before the NBA all star game. Check it out!!! Must Be the Water. The NBA is going to use Broussard's song to promote the game as well.

And make sure to get his Newest EP, Must Be the Water, which is coming out on Mid or Late February. If you buy it right now you can get the CD autographed as well! Catch his live stuff on youtube. Boussard's live raw voice is amazing. Currently, Broussard had just finished his EP and should be touring soon, I will be sure to update on the tour dates. He has currently signed with Atlantic Records on November 19th, 2007.

Now, I know Broussard has been out and about for a very long time now, but for me, it has been only a week! Ever since I had heard Gavin's Song, Broussard has been one of my top artists' list. Broussard is foreeeeall! His bayou soul and funk style is one I have not heard in a while, so enjoy y'all!

In S.O.S. Broussard brings the 'blast from the past'. Music from Al Green, Al Kooper, Marvin Gaye, Jerry Butler, Stevie Wonder, Fredrick Knight, and others are masterfully recreated!

You Met Your Match
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You

From Broussard's Album, "Carencro".

Come Around
(bonus track) Gavin's Song

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Barker Block Goes Eclectic With Koop, Alice Russell, and Mocean Worker!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This "KCRW Presents" night was another excellent example of the creative efforts of various collaborators involved. We were thoroughly impressed. Parties involved: KCRW, Barker Block Lofts, LearnAboutWine.com, and of course the awesome line-up. As an open house party, The Barker Block Lofts hosted Learn About Wine which well-hashed various a la cartes and an unlimited Beer & Wine tasting with over 40 wines & microbrews. The image gallery does no justice to the lofts inside. They were really neat, especially if you have a handle on getting some really amazing furniture. There was also an after party with a DJ spinning, art show and open bar. Before the music there was already an eventful night. This was an all around great way to promote several things in one well planned outdoor "venue."
To the Music! First Up: Alice Russell sang with special guest TM Juke which needless to say was nothing short of amazing. The entire set was acoustic and created a great show experience. She was interacting with the audience in a very intimate atmosphere and really having fun. It was pitch clear live.
Next up on the bill was Mocean Worker or MoWo droppin' funky hiphop induced drum 'n' bass tunes from their summer release Cinco De MoWo. Lots of Jazz and some Latin sounds were coming from an awesome band which included a bass trumpet and mutiple percussions.
After some short set-up Koop was up. They performed another awesome set including Tonight, Waltz For Koop, Come To Me, Sumer Sun and I See A Different You! It was longer than the El Rey show with the quality! I never get tired of these songs. They started the set with Koop Islands with a blue lighting set. Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen was on the microphone and I have to point out her outfit changes. We all think it really made the show that much better. Another beautiful multi-piece jazz orchestraic with lots of great solos and breaks! If you haven't heart any of these bands, we'll hook you up with some tracks, then Go out and get the albums!

Koop - Come To Me
Mocean Worker - Changes
Mocean Worker - Shake Ya Boogie

SUPER BONUS!: Live Exclusive Video of Summer Sun. Download it Free!
Awesome photos here and here.

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Tyrone the Man!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tyrone Wells....
Now here is man that can sing and play the guitar. I have been hearing about his guy for about 6 years now and it was only recently that I got to sit down and seriously listen to his work. I must say, I am really impressed. His style is more on the range with Folk,Funk, or Rock genre. With his unique vocals and musical style, most people like Mr. Tyrone Wells. Tyrone recently singed on with Universal Records, so best of luck to him. His music will also be used in the up coming movie "Rails and Ties." Look out for that, as well.

These are from his newest work, "Hold On." Enjoy people.

Sea Breeze-Tyrone has performed this song for a long time now. Great Classic in the Tyrone books.

Baby Don't You Change- Different style from Sea Breeze, but still has the same great feel of Tyrone Wells.

What Are We Fighting For?- His new single. Great music and great message.

And go out and enjoy his shows. His live performances are EVEN better!! Catch some of his live stuff on YouTube. And if you want to go to his shows, here are the dates.

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Beastie Boys Best Of Grand Royal 12"s!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

When you're as big as the Beastie Boys, you have so many releases, and then releases in other countries, formats for which those releases are released on, and limited this and thats.  Then finally (but not the end?) you get the Best Of's.  In May, Grand Royal/ Capital released the Best Of Grand Royal 12" Double Vinyl album which you guys probably by now have all heard in some dope club but I wanted to quickly highlight the CD version.  It includes 6 additional tracks including "Rootdown" and "Groove Holmes." It's got old stuff and newer stuff.  It's basically grabbing some of my favs from different years and albums then remixing them and then releasing them with even more awesome stuff. 

This is no doubt one of the best remix albums around and not just for Beastie.  It also includes probably the best remix of "Intergalactic" I've ever heard.  Okay! We can go on for days about the Beastie but you've heard it all, and if not Wiki up.  Check out these tracks and be sure to pick up the album/LPs! 

So Watch' Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix)
Intergalactic (Strawberry Bath and Jelly Soles Instrumental Version)
Rootdown (Pp Balloon Mix)

If you are that big label, and this is no bueno, just e-mail the bbq staff and it's gone like dat chy'all.

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100 Days, 100 Nights w/ Sharon Jones & the DK!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Got a Thing on My Mind" found it's way on our party playlist last night atleast three times!  We made believers last night that the 60s 70s soul funk sound can still be played today.  Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings make it easy.  You can hear samples of them all over Mark Ronson's "Version" Album as well as Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" UK hit.  The highly anticipated "100 Days, 100 Nights" album is droppin' on October 2nd which is such a long time from now especially if you've heard the album titled single.  If you haven't heard, Jones landed the part of "Lila" in Denzel's directed and starred upcoming film The Great Debaters with Forest Whitaker.  And of course, Jones and the DK will be featured on the soundtrack.  Catch them at the Apollo for their CD release on Oct. 6th as they kick off a tour that even goes to Canadia! 
Check out their sound now!
100 Days, 100 Nights
I'm Not Gonna Cry (45 instrumental)
Got A Thing On My Mind
Also click this to hear more from their forthcoming album, it's sooo worth it.  

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Maia's "Though, I'm Just Me!" & Mid-Week Mix!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally! Razzia Records has released Maia's new full length CD! "Though, I'm just Me" released earlier this month with 11 awesome tracks, some re-mixed from older versions. Maia Hirasawa is Japanese/ Swedish singer/songwriter playing a new solo tour as well as playing shows with Hello Saferide. Swedepop and piano pieced with Maia's vocals and violins! Get here new CD here! And of course two Songs just off the new album just for you!

You and Me and Everyone we Know & Gothenburg

Above: Monday was the Nike+ iPod College Tour at CSUF. Sean B and John came out to help liven up the campus. Okay so this is part 2 of the Soul/funk/hip/jazz mix. Lot's of these are jazz sampled breakbeats but they are fun. Next week I'll be going back to some new indie sounds, possibly. We'll see the feedback we get from today.

Older song, you guys will remember this soo as you here "ooh la la"
Wise guys - Ooh La La

From the 2002 Dead Ringer release. It gets interesting towards the end.
RJD2 - Good Times Roll Pt. 2

From the Unreleased Kamaal The Abstract, with that trumpet sound!
Q Tip - Even if it's So

Awesome ambi-tronic band from Ireland with jazz & experimental layers.
Nouveau Noise - Cinnte

Oldie but hippie, you can agree.
Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy

You know the music on Ocean's 12 when Brad Pitt sees Catherin ZJones? Think!
Nujabes - Lady Brown ft. Cise Starr

Take you back to the Jackson 5. You love this!
Jackson 5 - It's Great to Be Here

Last but not least, new track off the New "23" album released YESTERDAY!
Blonde Redhead - Dr. Strangeluv

Okay that's it for this week. To check out BBQCHICKENROBOT.com archives, head on over to Elbo.ws, and awesome aggregator. It's horrible, I know, but check out the new Joy of Tech here. Also if you want me to post something, or have suggestions, or some nice things to say, leave me a comment.

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Well it started getting Cozy, Girl

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lately I have been listening to a lot of hip hop, soul, remixes, jazz, bossa nova, and funk. I got so much to share so let's start with these songs:
Welsh songwriter Jem has an awesome track mixed by Cut Chemist
Jem - They (Cut Chemist Vocal Mix)

Sean told me about these guys a while back, he was helping them with their shows or something. These LA locals mix this jazzy, swingin, bouncy break piece swell.
Free the Robots - Jazzhole

Remember Bosco Mann? Eastcoasters Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings kickin' a dope soul/funk track from their 02' release.
Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings - Got a thing on my Mind

I think I like this version better than the original (ahhhhh!!!) Stereo MCs remix this Lyrics Born Quannum projects song. I love it! x 10 today.
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MCs Rattlesnake Remix)

This dude George is combining all kinds of stuff like electronic, ambient, acid house, trip-hop and you know the rest under all sorts of DJ names. This is a sweet new track off of last month's release, "In a Space Outta Sound"
Nightmares on Wax - The Sweetest

Kibler slaps the funk and jazz together with the scratch. Keep your ears open for that organ electronic sound with the Cuban drum. Cuban? yes!? Collab of 9 guys on this rad track.
DJ Logic - Afro Beat

That should help for a weekend drive. More where that came from in the next couple days, check back!

Our little actress peakin' through our faux fence infront of the faux Rosebush garden. SOme of that Lights, camera, Action! stuff. I can't wait to see the finished result. I love 24p by the way, it looks awesome. It's gonna be on May 13,th at around 4:30pm, free food and free short films! Yesssuh! You can see this film and others at the Talent One Media film fest! Link
That cat above is my old kitty, Pepper...awww. Okay have a great weekend!

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Super Sunday Mega Music Madness Mix!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kenny/John/Merks/Sean/ and me takin the shot at Continental Room in Fullerton. We probably sat at that table for less than 5 minutes, and got booted from it. boo. John is spinning on Tuesday night so be there!
A great article from our friend Mr. Martindale in the OC Register about an attorney named Jon Derby who spent 1.5 years in India fighting child prostitution. Read here.
A newly updated Talent One Media site, finally. Check it here.
My roommate, Paul's new Ebay store!! Link here.
If you haven't seen Maia's new video, please watch it now! It's fun! Last but not least, if you are in the Fullerton area Monday the 5th or Tuesday the 6th, go check out the Modern Day Slavery Conference at the TSU hosted by the CSUF Women's Center and other campus orgs. Monday 5:30-9pm and Tuesday 10am-2pm. See you there! More info www.fullerton.edu.

Okay I got a lot of new music for you All! Some Electronic, jazz, hiphop, African, Scandinavian, etc. Lots of Stuff to listen to so downloads away!
Thievery Corporation - The Heart's a Lonely Hunter
Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Ye Ye De Smell
Letta Mbulu - Mahlalela
Ensemble - Summerstorm ft. Mileece
Feist - Gatekeeper (Do Right Rmx)
Stars - Ageless Beauty (Most Serene mix)
Dj Day - Closer ft. Aloe Blacc
The Honeydrips - Åh, Karolin
Nosaj Thing - Aquarium
Adventure Time - We Agree it's Grand
Coldcut - Sex Machine (The Payback Rmx)
Copter4016882 - Drop of Water
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Beyond the Wizard's sleeve Re-animation)
The Elephants - Shivers
Like Lions - Make it Better
Radiohead - Climbing up the Walls (Zero 7 rmx)
Alice Russel - Take your time Change your Mind
Zero 7 - You're my flame (Justus Kohncke Rmx)
Skye - What's Wrong With Me (Nouvelle Vague Rmx)
Feist - Lonely Lonely (Frisbee'd Mix)

Have a great Week!
Congrats to Jonathan and Melina, I am so so so happy for you!

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