Music To Folk To! Festival in Portland

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who ever said that Summer gets all the music festivals? January, despite its cold winds (or slightly cooler breezes if you're one of BBQ's So Cal followers), can warm you up the right way! The Portland just doesn't quit.

January 15-17 at The Parlour in Southeast Portlandtown comes Music to Folk! to Fest. A three day extravaganza of singer-songwriters, newcomers to the Pacific Northwest and indie icons alike! Twenty dollars for three days and almost twenty bands! If you're in the area next weekend, this is the place to be. You can also buy tickets at the door, but for so many bands, why not get the package deal?

Just a few things to look forward to:

For fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, amongst many, many other bands, comes Ross Beach (one of NMH's original members!) with his latest band, Ross & The Hellpets. Perfect indie pop that carries all the greatest elements of past decades without all the bad parts.

If Annie Clark had a kid sister from the Midwest, you'd have A. King. Guitar playing, violin charming, songstress fresh from a cross country trip from the East coast and fresh to Portland, Ashley King can sing and lays it down with some serious tunes. Accompanying her this time around are the Beirutesque musings of the Bootz Orchestra.

Sam Cooper (the banjo plucking behind Horse Feathers) joins the weekend on Sunday for a short & sweet set of acoustic goodness.

The lowdown:

Music to Folk to! Fest
January 15-17
$20, ALL AGES!
at The Parlour
2628 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

ross and the hellpets - its over
Ashley King - Never Going To Stop

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I've Been Told The Tallest Building in Hell Has An Awesome View of the Emerald City...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portland has produced yet another folk gem: Jared Mees & The Grown Children. It must be something about the rainy winters that gets everyone inside singing together, so when summer comes around they go on these awesome tours across the states, tambourines, banjos, and sing alongs in hand!

This band definitely has that messy sing-a-long spirit, while still maintaining complex layers in their songs. The song "Bees" hides hivelike detail under the simple folk beat, guitar strings buzzing and violin strings plucking out complements to to Jared Mees's folk-sincere vocals. "The Tallest Building in Hell" brings back that sing song garage band feeling. But not in that garage band way. More like a living room band.

Catch JM & the GC on their summer tour, ending at Holocene with Inside Voices in late July!

The Tallest Building In Hell

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The Perks of Being A Rural Flower

Monday, July 06, 2009

Oh, Canada. You are like a magicians hat, but instead of white rabbits you make wonderful bands appear! The latest to hop from the magical brim above the States and into my iTunes? The Rural Alberta Advantage. This three piece from Ontario has the beating heart of folk, like a floor tom fighting against a keyboard on a guitar string stage, pumping out stories of "hometowns and heartbreak." Nils Edenloff's vocals calmly walk the line between singing his heart out and at times yelling his throat out, which only brings the sincerity of the lyrics out all the more (also at times: at bit reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel, like on the song "Frank AB").

The RAA's first full length Hometowns was just rereleased by Saddle Creek Records. The energy on this record makes it suprisingly danceable for a band with "rural" in their name, and definitely good for a chill day with tracks like "The Air," which mixes piano plinking soft guitar behind subtle harmonies.

If you're on the west coast, hit up one of these shows as they head south (then back to Canadia) this July to support their rerelease!

07/06 Seattle, Sunset Tavern
07/07 Portland, Backspace
07/09 San Francisco, The Bottom of the Hill
07/10 Los Angeles, The Echo
07/11 Phoenix, Modified
07/13 Salt Lake City, Kilby Court
07/14 Denver, Hi-Dive
07/15 Omaha, Slowdown (Front Room)
07/25-26 Guelph, Hillside Festival
08/08 Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island Musicfest
08/24 Chicago, Pritzker Pavilion

Frank, AB
The Air

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The Bower of Music

Friday, June 19, 2009

If you are a fan of folk in the vein of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and all of those other bands named after animals that live in the forest, you need to listen to Bowerbirds. This three-piece from Raleigh plays music both simple and full, anywhere from crying violin and soft guitar duets like "The Marbled Godwit," to accordion driven call and response numbers like "In Our Talons" (from their 2007 album Hymns for the Dark Horse).

Bowerbirds just wrapped up a European tour and will be hitting the states starting July 6th, along with the release of their new album Upper Air.

In Our Talons
The Marbled Godwit


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Whispertown 2000 Touring Europe!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LA based Whispertown 2000 are currently touring in Europe with our pal Maria Taylor but I just begun to listen to their sophomore 2008 release called Swim. Swim is an amazing example of indie rock with the ever rising new folk sound. In Old Times and 103, they plug in playful pop melodies with sing-a-long style folk songs. Morgan Nagler is quite nicely backed up by Vanesa Corbala's vocals; track to track there's a good sense of freedom to the range they lay out. Music country folk and I can always agree on. The video for Old Times has some beautiful shots of the band, definitely worth a few views.



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Abigail's Sichuan Earthquake Benefit Album!

Friday, May 08, 2009

I love when artists make music for things beyond the norm. Recently Abigail Washburn has teamed up with her friend and DJ/producer Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project. As many of you know last year there was a huge earthquake in Sichuan China where near 5 million people were left without homes, many deaths and injuries. Abigail and Dave took a trip to the ruined communities and began recording the sounds around them. They took those sounds and combined them with Chinese folks songs sung by some of the relocated children and then added their own beats and instruments. To honor the 1 year annivesary, Abigail has released an album called Afterquake in cooperation with Sichuan Quake Relief.

This is a truly a unique album in all it has to offer. Abigail and Dave have amazing talent with their electronic folk arrangements and I am especially moved that the album was inspired by Abigail's journey's to the schools where many of these children currently attend. The album has such a wide range of sounds, talents, instruments, and styles. My favorite track is Sala. Learn how you can help and contribute. Percentage of proceeds will go to relief efforts!


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Pree debuts with A Chopping Block

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When I first heard May Tabol's voice on the "In The Parlor" track, I instantly thought of the scratchy vocal haunts of Coco Rosie. She's got a beautiful voice accompanied by glockenspiel, guitars and soft piano music. DC's Pree is debuting with a 5-track EP called A Chopping Block which will roll out late March via Kora Records(The Fairline Parkway, Gregor Samsa). Definitely can't wait for a tour and a debut full-length from these guys. Check out this single from the EP, I think you'll dig it.

In The Parlor

Also DC's All Our Noise features Pree on one of their dope AON Sessions, check it out!

AON Sessions: Pree, "In the Parlor" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

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Jayber Crow's New Vid!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Jayber Crow is a folky acoustic duo--1 part Northwest, 1 part Midwest. Pete and Zach are known for their intimate shows which push to give you a personal invitation to each song. But if you've heard their new album, you'll know this isn't very difficult. Two Short Stories shows a lot of new potential for their simple arrangements and story telling lyrics. They're definitely a pleasure to listen to especially when they're singing together. You can pick up the new album and their Farm and the Nomad EP here, but be sure to pick up the actual CD cause Two Short Stories will feature biodegradable packaging made from 100% recycled kraft board and printed with vegetable inks! I didn't know veggies could do that! Also check out their awesome new video for Freeze and Thaw below.

O My God When I Drop Dead
The Limited Voice of the American Crow

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'll admit it. It's hard not to fall in love with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. I've got to admit, even I've got a bit of a man crush. His new EP, Blood Bank hit stores on Jan 20th, and I've got to say it's quite a fantastic follow up to last year's For Emma, Forever Ago. Beautiful, soulful vocals, bluesy guitars, and lyrical imagery like a breath of fresh air. I dig. You can pick it up here, and I suggest you do.


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Pete & J Making You Feel Good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brooklyn's Pete Harper and Jason Blynn are simply Pete and J and that's exactly how one might feel when listening to their feel good tunes. They rock some tuneage that my dad would sit down and enjoy but stuff I would love to have for a good road trip. They got a new EP out called Plenty Good Reasons and it's plenty good to give you a taste and prep you on their upcoming album. Oh but wait! You don't gotta wait til later, you can listen to their entire album here! Check out two tracks below and be sure to check them out live on tour!

Lady, Oh Lady

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Donny Hue and the Colors, Tell Tall Tales!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Howdy everyone, yes yes it's been a while but we've been so busy, but who's not busy these days right? Anywho we got a brand new track for you from Donny Hue and the Colors. The new track comes off their new album Tell Tall Tales which is a digital only release. The album is actually 10 solo works by Donny Hue, yes just him, his acoustic and his harmonica. Judging by "Good Time Happening", y'all are in for a treat! Check out some of their other fun songs here. Give that single a listen and check out the really dope video made with over 1500 still photographs!

Good Time Happening

Also check out these tours dates! Coming Very soon!
Tour dates - Donny Hue and The Colors full band
10.29.08 - Oakland, CA - Stork Club
10.30.08 - Stanford, CA - CoHo (Stanford U)
10.31.08 - Oakland, CA - Ghosttown Gallery
11.1.08 - Davis, CA - The Firehouse
11.2.08 - Arcata, CA - Greenhouse
11.3.08 - Portland, OR - Valentines
11.4.08 - Bellingham, WA - Green Frog Cafe
11.5.08 - Seattle, WA - Comet Tavern
11.6.08 - Olympia, WA - Vouyer
11.7.08 - Tacoma, WA - Bob's Java Jive
11.8.08 - Portland, OR - East End
11.9.08 - Astoria, OR - Ft. George Brewery
11.10.08 - Arcata, CA - Big Pete's Pizzeria
11.11.08 - San Francisco, Hemlock Tavern
11.12.08 - Santa Cruz - Crepe Place
11.13.08 - Santa Barbara - Biko Co-op Garage
11.14.08 - Los Angeles - Relax Bar
11.15.08 - Los Angeles - Little Joy
11.16.08 - Long Beach - Prospector

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Jessica Lea Mayfield's With Blasphemy, So Heartfelt

Friday, August 29, 2008

I think in this picture you can really feel the bass below your feet! I know I know, you can punch me for that one, but you gotta admit that it looks pretty rad! Jessica Lea Mayfield is pretty much one of the luckier 18 year old singer songwriters out there, yes yes I know she's talented but come on, how often does your debut album get produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and then parade it with your brother playing the stand-up0 in opening sequences all over a U.S. Black Keys tour? Infact that's pretty much a unaninmous "never" sorta rhetoric.

If you're a fan of darker, indie folk with lots of hit-the-road alone attitude, you're gonna love this Ohioan. I can't help but think of artists like Cat Power when I hear Jessica which is nothing short of a good thing. With Blasphemy, So Heartfelt rolls out September 16th, and you can catch her on tour very soon with a CD-Release kick off in Cleveland! Also check out this dope video of her jammin' around with the Avett Brothers (I digg'em lots).

Kiss Me Again

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Matt Pryor is Headlining!

Last week's show was such a treat. Matt Pryor and Chris Conley played a show together. Months ago, me and BBQ got word of the two touring together and from then on we were determined to go. BBQ is crazy about the Get Up Kids(R.I.P.) and I love Saves the Day. It was like seeing The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day play acoustic sets, but BETTER! Matt just released a new album titled, Confidence Man, which you can check out here. It's his first solo album. Very folk. I like folk. It's not like the Get Up Kids, or the New Amsterdams. It's just Matt. He played his new stuff, his old stuff, and his very old stuff. Chris played too. It was awesome. The two of them could have just played guitar and everyone would just sing their words back to them. There are a few more dates left for the tour so check out Matt! Support!

Aug 29 - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
Aug 30 - Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
Aug 31 - Norfolk, VA @ The Boot

Sep 2 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
Sep 3 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero Balcony
Sep 4 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony**
Sep 5 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom**
Sep 6 - Allston, MA @ Harpers Ferry
Sep 9 - Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
Sep 10 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
Sep 11 - Detroit, MI @ Shelter
Sep 12 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas
Sep 13 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas

Oldies but goodies...
The Get Up Kids - I'll Catch You
The New Amsterdams - Worse for the Wear
The New Amsterdams - Asleep at the Wheel

Saves the Day - Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off to Heaven
Saves the Day - Hold

Kevin Devine will be joining Mr. Pryor on the last leg of the tour.
This is what he sounds like...
Just Stay

Listen to enjoy.

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Band Of Annuals Showin' You the Countryside!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salt Lake's 6-piece, Band Of Annuals has all the heartfillers of country, unique blends of folk-pop, and enough story tellin' to keep you company. I begin to reminisce a compilation of bitter sweet moments when I listen to tracks like "If You're Looking for Love" and "Don't Let Me Die." This stuff is turning indie kids into country lovers. They've got a couple EPs out and their full-length release last year, Let Me Live is full steam ahead to your ears with an awesome tour going on and and and there's a Cinema Bar show tonight in Culver City!

Blood On My Shirt
If You're Looking For Love

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Bark Hide & Horn Embark On National Roads!

Friday, August 01, 2008

My brother is always talkin' about all the dope things Portland has to offer and though I totally believe him, these guys really push the case. Portland's quartet, Bark Hide & Horn, has been around since 2005 but they're finally debuting with their first full-length, National Road. It's filled with high horn content folk thrown in there are things like glocks, vibraphones, mandolins and trombones. The album was inspired by past issues of National Geographic and spefically tell a story of the magazine's editor, Melville Bell Grosvenor. Sounds dope to me! They also got some upcoming shows after their August 8th release.

Treasure of The Everglades

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The Avett Brothers' Second Gleam!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We didn't really discover the Avett Brothers until recently and it's not a moment too soon. Tomorrow the brothers from North Carolina will be releasing their beautiful 6 song follow-up to The Gleam and Emotionalism. The Second Gleam EP contains more of their subtle acoustic singer-songwriter delivery with very real themes on life. Apropos, I love the stand-up bass. Check out the single from The Second Gleam EP below! It's a really warm love filled song about family and growing up. I love it! They're also touring so check the dates!

Murder In The City

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Great Bloomers, Not Late At All!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Excuse the cheesy post title. Ahem. Canada has produced some of my favorite indie bands: Metric, Broken Social Scene, and my now soon to be favorite, Great Bloomers. Just having released their new, self-titled EP yesterday, the five-member Toronto-based band produces music that's a mix of folk, indie and classic pop. Personally I like the touch of classical piano heard here and there because it reminds me of my good old piano-competition-Debussy days. Oh and the harmonica, and especially the distortion/experimental guitar. In a way it is this guitar distortion and experimentation that not only draws me to this band, but also reminds me of my favorite said band, Broken Social Scene. All this, plus catchy guitar riffs, melodic layering, and ever changing-tempos makes this my fun favorite go-to. Check it out!

Catching Up
Market Of the Night

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Folky Sounds of Cellist Ben Sollee!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sollee is part of the Sparrow Quartet but he's finally rockin' out a solo effort coming at you in June called Learning To Bend! I dig his soulful jazzyvocals over this bluegrassy folk stuff made unique with his cellos all over the tracks. He was one of NPR's Top 10 Greatest Unkown Artists of 2007! You need to get the album and hear what he has to say. He has excellent songwriting skills including topics of politics. He has an attitude to empower people, there's hope in it, and it's got great classical expression. On May 13th he's also got a politically motivated EP style two-song-er called If You’re Gonna Lead My Country and we got one of those tracks for you! Check it out!

A Change Is Gonna Come
Prettiest Tree On The Mountain

He's on tour for like 5 or 6 months!

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Straight Outta PA, It's Peasant!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Doylestown, PA's Damien DeRose has recently released On The Ground, his sophomore effort and I'm diggin' his track called Wind. The lyrics are interesting..."I am speakin' for the wind, blowin' on my door, it's sayin words I know, but in a different order..." This sorta folky, drifter jam, reminds of a scene from my short lived train hopping days; open track, middle of no where, with an amazing view. I also agree with Matt Tyson when he said it's perfect for the next Wed Anderson film. Damien also goes by Peasant and I think with his very light hearted vocals and simple pop acoustic sound, he's got a great thing going. Check these tracks out this weekend!

Missing All You Are
The Wind

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Brendan James Debut & Tour!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New York's freshest singer/songwriter Brendan James has an awesome new debut album coming out this Summer! The Day Is Brave has definite pop influences but the songwriting, story telling and melodic crafts with his key skills is deeper emotionally, and more thoughtful. The songs leave me with a feeling of folk pop, and a twang away from the pop country sound. He's got some great tunes that you'd like to request on the radio but some of my favs have a heavy presence mixed with acoustic that'd easily get you up to one of his shows. Also I like the subjects of childhood and family instead of just a suffocating amount of romance. It's good stuff, y'all need to check it out. Check for The Day Is Brave debut album in your local music stores on June 3rd via Velour Recs. I got two tracks for you including Green, which is about a former g/f he met while working at Urban Outfitters! aww! d00d that's silly. haha

The Other Side

Lyrics to those songs here.
Also check this tour and go catch him live! We'll wait patiently for a Westcoast tour hopefully in the later summer.

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This Is Ivy League!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hey guys this is just a quick one from This Is Ivy League! Alex Suarez and Ryland Blackinton, Brooklyn's indie pop duo has just released their self titled debut via Twenty-Seven Recs. These guys play a very light-hearted, happy sweet pop with fun lyrics about love and life. They also drop off some folkier sounds of peeps like Simon and Garfunkle. Buy the album here. Stream the entire album here!

London Bridges

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Laura Cantrell's Country Folk Is Back!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally She's back! After 3 long years, NY's Laura Cantrell is back with a digital release of her new album Trains and Boats and Planes due out mid-April! But that's not the only rad news; Laura recently had a child! Her new album is an awesome collection of covers that are themed on travel. I personally love travel songs, great for roadtrips...I love the open road (or more open than usual). Also Cantrell's got 3 of her own joints on this album as well. We got the New Order cover off the new album and two previously released tracks!

Love Vigilantes
Do You Ever Think Of Me?

Trains and Boats and Planes Tracklist:
Trains and Boats and Planes [Burt Bacharach-Hal David]
Train of Life [Roger Miller]
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald [Gordon Lightfoot]
Howard Huges Blues [John Hartford]
Love Vigilantes [Gilian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner]
Silver Wings [Merle Haggard] Roll Truck Roll [from Hello Recordings EP]
Big Wheel [from Not The Tremblin' Kind]
Yonder Comes a Freight Train [From When The Roses Bloom Again]

Be sure to catch America's Best Dance Crew Live finale Live on MTV at 10 p.m. ET/PT!
Also if you haven't seen human Tetris yet, check it now!

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The Acorn's U.S. Release of Glory Hope Mountain!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Glory Hope Mountain, band leader Rolf Klausener tells the life story of his mother's journey through child hood in Honduras to new life in Montreal. Tons of folky emotion and tons of sweet ukelele Beirut-esque action! It's an awesome followup to their The Pink Ghosts & Tin Fists EP and I think this album is really going to put them on the map. You can get that album here via Paper Bag Records. The Acorn is ready to make your heart heavy! Check that track below and check the video now!

Glory Hope Mountain
Flood Pt. 1

Tin Fists EP
Brokered Heart
Spring Thaw

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Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks to The Good Pants for pointing me to this awesome band. The hiatus of Gatsby's American Dream has a couple spinners including Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground made up of bandies Kirk and Kyle with Cello man Phil Peterson. I think the most distinctive part of this band before the style is their utility of the fugelhorn and other brass. I love the sound. Imagine an old west parlor with that borderline out of tune piano, folky old show tunes, quick from subtle to chaotic harmonies, halfline Broadways, and almost too perfect renovation of an experimental 1960s. It's just a combination of a lot of great things with awesome arrangements.

Last Tuesday, the Seattle-ites released their self titled album only on a special 1000 copy limited edition vinyl via their label and Vinyl Collective. It's a Double LP with a rainbow transparent version, rainbow milky vinyl? and Orange with Red speckles. I want the transparent rainbow one! Get the goods here. Also below are some super hi-quality recordings just for you! More on their myspace.

Hey Momma
Birds (On A Day Like Today)

Newsies: Apple is now No. 2!
Google invests in new undeground super cable to Japan!
Kofi Annan stops the talks in Kenya!
Clinton and Obama are battling! No really?!

Happy Tuesday!

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Band Marino's The Sea & The Beast!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The indie scenes are blowin' up like land mines in all cities big or small! Today we head on over to Orlando to check on the young 4-piece Band Marino. They're craftin' a rather catchy indie folk pop all mixed up with banjos, mandolins, and harmonicas which gives them a great range of sound. If you want some awesome spring time folk music combined with very energetic rock shreds all whipped over Beirut-y harmonies from Jesse and Nathan, you gotta get their debut The Sea & The Beast dropping in early March off of Street Parade Recs. The album has been out in Orlando and on iTunes for quite some time I guess but they'll be releasing it at your local indie joints soon with very beautiful album design by Anna Melcon! Enjoy!

Every Time I Make A Girl Cry I Know I've Done My Job
Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows has a wild folk breakdown towards the end. Anticipate that!
Band Marino is touring all around the South, East Coast and Mid-west...no westcoast.boo. If you're their, support'em.

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The Delicacies Of Alison Goldfrapp...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been waiting for a new album from UK's Goldfrapp after all the rumors and sounds floating through the internet's infinite rivers of information...and finally February 25th will be the end of the wait. Seventh Tree, Goldfrapp's 4th full-length, is droppin' with your not-so traditional Goldfrappuccino; less is more. Alison brings up a good point, her voice. After listening to the album it's apparent that she's gone "warmer" on this album. Little bit less of the busy pop dance electronics that you'd expect and more swisher ambient, more downtempo-ey sound. Don't get me wrong, still got pop you can catch on to and love, but it's less on the dance floor and more on the break of dawn roadtrip. Something you can relax to. Dig it!

Little Bird

Bonus: Utopia (Tim Wright Remix)
Pre-order now in Standard or Deluxe. Order from Mutebank and get a sweet album poster FREE!

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Case Of The Mondays With Fin's Husky Rescue!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Scandinavian music rules, I'm not sure what it is but these days (days being the past 3+ years up until now) the bands from Europe are popping out everywhere. My guess is it's the public's outcry for something better than the radio. It's based on less humans tuning into the airwaves, the rise of social networking and blogs, and of course the fact that really good music can come from anywhere and people are realizing it (again). Are you feelin' me? Good. If you're currently into folk-indietronic, you're gonna dig Finland's 5 piece, Husky Rescue.

I'm going to especially highlight their remix album, Other World - Remixes & Rarities which is an awesome collection of mixes from bands like Bonobo and Tunng. It also features some rad acoustic sessions- all great stuff from their sophomore album Ghost Is Not Real which dropped early last year. Check the tracks below. Also get a buncha free Husky Rescue songs here. All that brought to you by talent and CatSkills Records.

Nightless Night (Fink Remix)
Gasoline Girl (acoustic session)

Happy Monday!

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Tilly & The Wall Back On Tour!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Last week, Tilly & The Wall, the Omaha Nebraska tapdancing 5-piece, announced a tour that will begin at the Glasshouse right here in Los Angeles. They'll be bustin' out some of their new jams from their upcoming full length set to drop sometime this summer on Team Love Recs. I can't wait to hear their new tapdancing, harmonizing melodies! In support, another one of Team Love's, Capgun Coup, will be opening for the tour. They are rockin' a catchy fun indie tune and other times they are doing acoustic or folkier rock. It's gunna be a great show! Check out tracks below!

Tilly & The Wall
The Freest Man
Chandelier Lake (Daytrotter Sessions)
Lost Girls
The Freest Man (CSS remix)

Capgun Coup
Huck Fin
My Tears Cure Cancer
Bobby Chops & The Do-Gooders
Tour Dates:
2/28 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
2/29 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
3/02 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop (Noisepop Festival)
3/04 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
3/05 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
3/16 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
3/17 Carrboro, NC @ Local 506
3/18 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
3/19 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
3/21 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
3/24 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
3/25 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Happy Monday!

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Weekend Edition w/ Morcheeba's Latest

Saturday, February 02, 2008

After hearing the entire album twice, I'd have to say the Godfrey's have completely poured out their emotions in their 6th album, revealing some heavy stuff throughout the band's rough recent years. The album willfully exemplifies a combination of a seemingly last leg effort, with nothing held back, and at the same time the usual Morcheeba canvas, which is unusual. With an overly appropriate album title, Dive Deep, achieves the often open collective of expressed varied genres with several guest artists to justify them, perhaps give different meaning. Simply Theraputic, feelin' me?

Dive Deep will be released with exclusive digital content on iTunes on Monday. You can get the album in stores on the 19th. Check their myspace for more music and tour dates to get the live experience, which is definitely someything else. This album is all about traditional, with non-traditional, and soulful electronic folk with some serious blues. Putting in hardwork to express pain sounds so sweet.

Enjoy The Ride
One Love Karma

Also check out this Dive Deep game?

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It's Friday! That Means New Music!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey before y'all head out to your mountain tops and discos, I just wanted to bring up some great music from several artists. This is new music Friday with 6 bands you might have not heard of but ya just gotta check'em out. We're bringing back the weekedn iPod (or Zune) feed!

First up we got Brooklyn's The Epochs who will be releasing a self titled debut which is filled with a wide range of influences including this track which fronts a melancholy synthetic with their subtle vocals. Catch'em at the Mercury Lounge, February 12th.
Opposite Sides

LA's Robert Francis will be doing residency at the Silverlake Lounge in February. Grab a friend and head on up to one of his FREE shows to hear some beautiful indie folk. Violins and all of that!
One By One

The Oaks have a full length coming out in early March called Songs For Waiting and we want to help you anticipate this upcoming release. I really appreciate the deeper meaning in these songs which complete the beautiful arrangements of brass, Wurlizter, synths, tambuorines and one of my favs; the acoustic bass.

The Billie Burke Estate's Andy Liotta is all about styles of Costello, hints of Beatles, with his own touch of piano pop melodies and feely good lyrics. Happy Happy Happy!
Everybody's Gonna Die

Say Hi (former Say Hi To Your Mom) is releasing The Wishes And The Glitch in early February off the Euphobia Records, front runner Eric Elbogen's very own. See how you like the new sound!
Northwestern Girls

This band has 7 band members all under the age of 17. Berkeley's adolescent pop-mega Please Quiet Ourselves has combined some of that punky pop stuff with riffs galore...It's nothin' but fun!
The Light

Have a great weekend and be back here possibly Sunday night for more!
Also if you have some time this weekend, read up on the news. We need to know what's up in the lives of our peers in other places!

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Thao Nguyen & The Get Down, Stay Down!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next Tuesday, Kill Rock Stars will release We Brave Bee Stings and All, the runner up to the '05 debut Like The Linen from Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down. 23 year old, Virginian, Thao Nguyen is everywhere these days and you can get a million reviews about the new album, which by the way is totally awesome and I'll tell you why...actually let's first talk about Thao. Well one thing I wanted to mention...She's Vietnamese and for some reason that makes it extra cool, anyone know what I'm saying? probably not. You don't get many Vietnamese American females sing-a-pluckin' folky music and making magazine covers...okay maybe it's just me.

I think it's the percussions and electric organs on Geography that sold me to this album. It has a great combination of Thao's sing-a-long folk lyrics with a portrayal of just the right amount of the band's talents with a range of diversity influence in indie pop, southern folk and a brief hint of jazz. You should definitely pre-order now! They'll be touring through your neighborhood from now through the end of April!

Beat (Health, Life and Fired)

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The Acorn: Glory Hope Mountain

Thursday, November 15, 2007

As of right now I feel that The Acorn is the perfect compliment to the seasonal changes. It's something a little slower, softer; something you need. They are a five piece hailing from Ottawa, Ontario. Since 2003, they've released 2 EPs and 2 full lengths. Their latest release, "Glory Hope Mountain", is a brilliant concept album. The Title was derived from a loose translation of lead singer, Rolf Klausener's mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya. The songs on the album are her stories. Stories of her struggles, hardships and tragedies. Rolf was compelled to write about them and Glory Hope Mountain was born.

Glory Hope Mountain
Crooked Legs
The Flood Pt.1

from the Blankets EP


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Shugo Tokumaru's New Exit!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's a new sub-genre! Toy Folk! Okay sort of, but I'm pretty sure someone already thought of that. Shugo Tokumaru is another example of awesome Japanese folk pop that has been popping up everywhere. He's got this synth pop sound with loads of wonderful melodies. You can distinctively hear toy instruments well arranged with electronic sounds, recorded overlays, and with Japanese verses that I completely do not understand! It's the appropriate happy song you've find in the funny or awkward scenes in films like Little Miss Sunshine or The Darjeeling Ltd.

Tokumaru was playing with Gellers but after two successful solo albums, solo isn't a bad route at all! Exit came out late October in Japan and hasn't been released in the states yet but be hopeful for early 08'. You can pick up the album at the P-Vine Label's website. You can get his 2nd solo 2005 release L.S.T. on iTunes! And of course, While you wait we got some great tracks of the new album!


Young Folks (PB&J Cover)
Typewriter (from the Night Piece Album)

Check out some of the really fun music videos now!

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How Sweet It Is: Iron & Wine!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I remember reading a blog about a week ago with the headline, "Sam Beam challenges you to a beard-off. Ready, set, you lose." If that's not how it went, it was something very close. The headline caught my attention and so did the photograph of Beam. I didn't realize how long his beard had gotten. Kudos on the beard Mr. Beam. Kudos.

For those of you who do not know Sam Beam, he is the bearded mastermind of Iron & Wine! In 2002, he released his first album, The Creek Drank The Cradle, a Sub Pop realease. Since then, Iron & Wine has released over half a dozen EP's and singles.

The Shepherd's Dog
, is Iron & Wine's latest release. It is said to be I.W.'s most ambitious and accomplished recording to date. The album features a track called, "Boy With A Coin", that contains rhythmic clapping, a melodic acoustic progression topped off with Beam's soft, hypnotic vocals. If you haven't picked up this album yet do so now!

From the Album, "The Shepherd's Dog"
Boy With A Coin
Innocent Bones

From, "Our Endless Numbered Days"
Each Coming Night

Such Great Heights

Lastly, Tour Dates.

and so it is.

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Maybe Tonight

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nicole Atkins has been making music since the age of 13. She found her deceased uncle's guitar in the attic of her house and taught herself how to play a Grateful Dead song. 15 years later she has skillfully crafted her debut album, Neptune City.

She has created her own brand of alternative, folk-pop. Her music is a collection of unique sounds and styles quite intricately layered. The end result is music that is said to be sometimes vaudevillian, at others psychedelic, a little bit country, a dash from early musicals, all under a cloud of pop-noir.

Neptune City, New Jersey is where Atkins grew up. The shores of New Jersey are littered with small towns whose glory days are far in the past; Neptune City is one of those towns. Although Atkins herself has never experienced the so-called glory days, it is something she yearns for. She says her album is her attempt to build something new on top of all that. The songs represent moods, emotions and events that are painted by Atkins with mixing and matching different colors, and sounds. Fall in love with Nicole Atkins!

From "Neptune City"
Party's Over
Maybe Tonight
Cool Enough

Neptune City will be in stores next Tuesday. If you like what you hear, show her some love and buy it! You can also catch her on tour which begins the night of the CD release at Union Pool in Brooklyn. She will be on tour until November 19th!

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Tyrone the Man!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tyrone Wells....
Now here is man that can sing and play the guitar. I have been hearing about his guy for about 6 years now and it was only recently that I got to sit down and seriously listen to his work. I must say, I am really impressed. His style is more on the range with Folk,Funk, or Rock genre. With his unique vocals and musical style, most people like Mr. Tyrone Wells. Tyrone recently singed on with Universal Records, so best of luck to him. His music will also be used in the up coming movie "Rails and Ties." Look out for that, as well.

These are from his newest work, "Hold On." Enjoy people.

Sea Breeze-Tyrone has performed this song for a long time now. Great Classic in the Tyrone books.

Baby Don't You Change- Different style from Sea Breeze, but still has the same great feel of Tyrone Wells.

What Are We Fighting For?- His new single. Great music and great message.

And go out and enjoy his shows. His live performances are EVEN better!! Catch some of his live stuff on YouTube. And if you want to go to his shows, here are the dates.

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People Press Play Bring Some Of That Indietronic!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I was browsing through the Morr Music site as usual a couple months ago and read about People Press Play. The first thing I noticed was that they are from Denmark which I give extra attention to because we have a good friend that lives there. He is also from the same city as PPP, Copenhagen. PPP is the collaborative work of solo artists Sara, Anders, Jesper, and Thomas, while actively working on their own projects.

The Self-titled Debut from PPP is fueled with electronics as they quickly reveal a synthetic blend of sometimes ambient sound and great pop loops. To describe what I'm hearing, I am going to coin a new phrase (maybe someone used it already), I call it "Analogue Dialogue" which is how Sara is using her voice. Sometimes you get these echo-ey vocals packed on songwriting and sometimes you get these sounds coming from her vocals that really aren't words, but just layers. It's as good as an instrument and visa versa. This electronic folkpop is straight thoroughly delicate and there's nothing quick about it. Sit and take a listen to these songs and get the album here.

Always Wrong
These Days
Hanging On

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Hotel Cafe with Limbeck!

Friday, October 12, 2007

If you are a fan of folk or country music then you are in for a treat; a musical treat that is. If you are not a fan, now is your chance to convert. Expand your musical horizons and give them a listen! They are called Limbeck and they are from a little place called Orange County. Their music has a very American, folk-pop, nostalgic feel to it. Something I highly recommend listening to while you and your friends embark on a road trip or maybe just that perfect nap under the tree. I first heard Limbeck when I was in high school. I believe off of a sampler a friend of mine had. I liked it. It wasn't super spectacular or anything, not mediocre either. Just good. Real good. I don't know if this makes any sense, but maybe when you listen you'll understand. They released a new self-titled Album this year available through Dog House Records and for the month of October they will be playing at Hotel Cafe! If you go to a show they'll allow you to download the live performance.

From the self-titled album Limbeck
Big Drag

Additional Tracks
Sin City
Trouble (live)

Bonus Track off the motioncitysoundtrack/limbeck split 7
Perfect Teeth

And so it is.

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