These Alligators Are Biting Your Ears!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I love bands from the Northwest! Most people would say these guys are from the boonies or sticks but I think some of the most amazing things reside in those places, and some of the best music as well. Washington's Alligators are our newest favorite. They've got a buncha good harmonies and some great pop in their sound. This is the type of fun music we like share with anyone. Be The Only One starts out so nice and is just sweet all the way through. I've been replaying it here in the office all day! Their new album, Piggy & Cups, officially drops in early April via Applehouse Records but you can get it now right here. Enjoy their single below and video to match! Also be on the lookout for a tour hopefully coming soon to a venue near you.

Where Does It Hide?


posted by 2Scoops, 4:01 PM


These guys are swell!
Thanks 2scoops!
commented by Anonymous minders, 10:20 PM  

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