An interview with Lockett Pundt of Lotus Plaza

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lotus Plaza is the solo project of adroit Deerhunter guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Lockett Pundt. Lotus Plaza's debut record
The Floodlight Collective is a collection of ten beautifully haunting songs, all densely layered with blooming guitars and mellifluous atmospheric vocals.

Gaurav: Where and when did you record The Floodlight Collective?

Lockett: It was recorded in parts from the beginning of 2007 to somewhere at the end of it. Most of the songs were made during the summer into the fall. All of it was recorded in my bedroom during my transition from 4 track to computer recording.

G: Did you play in a band prior to joining Deerhunter?

L: No I wasn't in any serious bands. I played in a few in high school. The floodlight collective was the first band I was in with Brad and my friend Wes. We played a few shows at this coffee place on the marietta square to a random group of people. Was basically just an alias for jams involving the three of us.

G: Tell us your side of the story regarding meeting Bradford for the first time.

L: Hmmm. From what I remember I was summoned by this girl who was in a drama class of mine named Lauren. She told me that Brad wanted to meet me more or less. I said ok and so I guess it was arranged to go down in the bus ports between class since that is were we would have been anyways. And so we met in the bus port. I'm shy so I'm sure I was awkward. I can't remember, but we hung out soon after and played music. I'm sure his version is better.

G: Who did the album art and cover typography? Is that an old family photograph?

L: I did all of the artwork and typography for it except the cover which is an old family picture of my youngest brother Matt. The rest is pictures I have taken. I used white out and printer toner ink for the writing on everything.

G: Who are some 'new' bands or artists you've been into as of late?

L: I recently heard that band Women, which I remember you saying you interviewed of one their members. I really like that album. They aren't new but I recently got into Dukes of Stratosphear. I love XTC and this is just as good. They are incredible song writers.

G: Who is your favorite band from Atlanta?

L: Collective Soul for sure. Then probably the Black Lips. There is also these guys called Ominous Castle that rule too.

G: Who are your personal three biggest musical influences?

L: Hmmm, well probably Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine, and I think Roxy Music on a subliminal level. my parents were obsessed with them and my mom with Brian Ferry, so I listened to them a lot growing up. Not sure how it manifests itself in what I do now but I like to believe its there. Prairie Rose is easily one of my lifetime favorite songs.

G: Do you have plans to tour the states in support of the record? plans to tour behind it abroad?

L: Not as of yet. The idea is somewhat terrifying.

G: Any idea how you are going to perform live or whom you would like to play in the live ensemble?

L: I would probably do it by myself but I would love to see how the stuff would sound in a band setting.

G: Favorite piece of musical equipment you utilized on the record?

L: Fender Jaguar definitely. Every song was written with it. that guitar is inspiring to hold. Seems like there is so many songs in it. I recently bought a Musicmaster and it definitely doesn't have the same feeling. The jaguar is magical stuff.

G: Last film watched?

L: Rented stepbrothers the other night. I haven't laughed out loud that much at a movie in a while. Was really funny. Also saw that movie "Let the Right One In." Went into it not knowing anything about it. I thought it was pretty good.

G: Last book read?

L: Cosmic Landscape by Leonard Susskind and that was a while ago. I haven't been reading much at all recently. I buy books and start them but never really finish them.

Red Oak Way

The Floodlight Collective is being released by Kranky on March 23

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I never really finish books either.
commented by Anonymous Oliver, 2:46 AM  
Thanks a lot for the interview! The new record rules..definitely going to buy it when it comes out.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:21 PM  
great interview, thanks!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:37 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:17 AM  

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