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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tim Kvasnosky & Tim Shumaker met at the Sam Ash music store in Manhattan with Tim S. as the sales guy and Tim K as a talented musician looking to purchase some new Korg paraphernalia. That fateful meet would result in the duo joining forces as Home & Garden. Their new album, Domesticated, is a buncha new dope tracks with help from their friends like Jennifer Karr, Om Recs Labelmate Colette, Lucy Woodward and Lisa Shaw. You get some R&B, Clubby Dance hits, and really laid back tracks like Sunday Morning. There's nothing like rocking records with friends, and this new album is just another testament to Home & Garden's dedication to dope music making. Check out the track below and pick up the album here.

Someday feat. Lisa Shaw

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Anything featuring Lisa Shaw is golden...

Great blog!

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