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Friday, January 16, 2009

When I first went to the Bran Flakes' myspace page, I knew they were quite peculiar. It all started with the Mickey Mouse Club song with marching, gun shots and alarms over people singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. It's totally dope and hilarious! Their new 30-track, 100% sample based album, I Have Hands will be dropping on February 24th via Illegal Art. Illegal Art will be offering the album on a "pay what you want" basis so it's kinda like a "class free" download system! We've got 3 of the new tracks for you to download.

I heard their live show is insane and lucky for us, they'll be doing a US tour in the summer. You'll get to listen to all their crazy mashup zaney tunes while enjoying their near kookoo headed shenanigans. Check back here for those dates. In the meantime give your eyes some exercise with the What It's All About video...speechless.

Stumble Out Of Bed
What It’s All About
I Have A Friend


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