Akiko's What's Jazz?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Akiko has recently dropped two new albums on us, What's Jazz: Style and What's Jazz: Spirit. Both albums. She is one of Japan's most amazing jazz vocalists and both these albums have a bit more pop or contemporary feel to them then her earlier albums. There are dope covers such as Come Together and La Vie En Rose. You'll find Akiko's beautiful and soothing voice over her original tracks with quiet keys, loungey grooves and sounds that'll make you tap your toes. Unfortunately you'll be payin' a small fortune to get her albums through import so contact that long distant Japanese friend of yours to send you these albums. We got a couple tracks for you below to get you started.

La Vie En Rose

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Or, buy a Japanese iTunes card! :)

commented by Anonymous Chewy, 2:08 PM  
Nice Post ... but I am only able to streem ..

When I try to import downloaded files to iTune it is a nogo ...
commented by Blogger Charles C Stirk Jr, 11:28 AM  

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