Margot's Animal and Not Animal!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Our friend Helen Hoang was on scene for the Margot & The Nuclear So and So's Troubadour show right here in LA. Here's her recap!
Some things that were noted for:
1. The super awesome animal masks they had on when they entered the stage, obviously to represent the title of their new album.
2. The cool backdrop (of a forrest/natural setting) and lamps on stage. They even had a big cut out paper kitten in the background (from the paper kitten nightmare song perhaps??)
3. The Casey Tennis's cats imprinted on the back of his shirt (or at least I think they looked like cats from afar)

The Music
1. Vocalist, Emily does have more vocal parts in some of the songs on the new album, which makes the new album all that much better because she has such a beautiful voice!
2. Casey Tennis's "Percussion Tree" that involved a several paint cans and also a 5 gallon bottle that he banged on throughout the show
3. They also included paint cans in which all members of the band used to create the beat for "as tall as cliffs" during their encore. This was cool because it engaged the audience into clapping to the beat. Once again, this added detail definitely enhanced their performance.

Casey continues to exert wild energy on stage with rad moves while being totally engulfed in the music. Everyone else including Hubert Glover, on the trumpet, was very lively and they flowed so well together. Overall, it was a good performance that seemed to go by really fast. Love the new songs on the album...many of which have whimsical lyrics. Whimsical is good though, it keeps music alive and lovely.

'There have been delays in the release of Margot's second full length due to disagreements between the band and Epic records regarding the song selection of the album. Animal! is Margot's preferred version of their second full-length, while Not Animal is Epic's. Five songs appear on both releases (there are 12 tracks on each album). On their Myspace page, the band has said they would like fans to listen to Animal first.'

Checkout two tracks below and get the release here.
There's Talk Of Mine Shafts
As Tall As Cliffs
post contributed by Helen Hoang


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