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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This French electro house party never seems to end. Nor does it get old! With the help of fellow house happy labelmate Sebastian Tellier, Mr. Oizo will be rollin' out a new one called Lambs Anger via Ed Banger Recs of course. This album is a bit different that the usual Mr. Oizo, it's got more of a dancey feel, more electro, and definitely some house...I guess ya gotta give the people what they want?! Oh by the way, did you know Oizo is pronounced "Wah-Zoh?" I thought it was "oy-zo" as in 'coy.' Learn something new everyday. Could someone explain to me about the cover of this new album, is that Flat Eric getting a nice shave from a barber? Or is someone killing him? aww you can't do that to Flat Eric. Sad sad day. Anywho check out that album near past mid November. In the meantime enjyo a track and check out one of those cute Levi's Flat Eric Oizo commercials.

Mr. Oizo - Pourriture

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