Brass Bed's Makin' Indie Gold!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Currently I am raising funds for a film and it's hectic as crap. This stuff is difficult! But not to worry, good things are-a-comin'! Amidst that subtle sanity I've got the pleasure of listenin' to Louisiana up-comer Brass Bed's self released Midnight Matinee which drops next week. It's filled with a buncha sorta country-ish doowoppin' psychedelia. To me it's like Beach Boys + Strokes + happiness on a road trip. Whatever it might be, I dig the poppy fun these guys bring. They are gonna be playin' some shows in places like TX and NC soon so be sure to catch a show and email me and make me jealous. Listen to it, and put it in your new yellow nano. They're so hot right now.

Polar Bird
So I Shrugged My Shoulders

"Cucumber Sandwiches, A dog eating peanut-covered homework" hehe Lollersk8!

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