The Tidy Ups!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

As I have been trying to explain to my doctor, the Tidy Ups are the main cause for my lot of injuries this week. I was humming the Tidy Ups when I walked into the street lamp and I was singing the Tidy Ups when I tripped over the curb. The most painful of all was falling onto my back while shimmying on a newly-polished floor and I hardly need to tell you what was playing at the time.

The Swedish band's EP, Dizzy Heights, harks from 2006 (that's only two years ago, people!) and is quite a catchy little thing. The low-fi twee hits a perfect note - it's not too sugary and has a charming sloppiness about it. There is an unpolished modesty to the EP that makes it that little bit more likeable. I've left you with the bouncy title track, which is now your new getting-ready-in-the-morning song. Even the grumpiest will find it hard to resist a foot-tapping session. But, for now, we can only just cross our fingers (go on, do it now!) and hope that we'll be hearing more from the Tidy-Ups. I won't taking my doctor's advice and I will keep this one playing.

The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Heights

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Love them! LOVE them! LOVE THEM!

Stopping by to show some love to a fellow music lover. I admire and am inspired by lovers of music...especially those artists willing to step outside the mainstream and remain true to themselves. Stop by and visit sometime.

Much respect to you and best regards,

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You should try their older music - really honest and lovely. You can play some of it on http://www.last.fm/music/The+Tidy+Ups , there are also some their videos on youtube. Recently I really love them. I wanted to buy their 2003's CD, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
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