Takka Takka's Migration out July 29th

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brooklyn's own Takka Takka are releasing their sophomore album Migration July 29th. It's got bits of world music, from cowbell to gamelan and little sonic bits here and there. It's this interesting amalgam of sounds that I would never have pegged to fit together, but somehow it does. The result is a sound that's semi-meditative and chill. A lot of critics have likened it to indie-music for "self-conscious loners."

We've included Everybody Say, which I really like, that has a line which goes, "Who died?/ Who died?/You." a bit bleak but does challenge you to kind of meditate on what you've been tolerating in your life and letting get the best of you. And I like "She said: 'Take it easy'/ 'But it's hard'/Take it easy'" I really like that kind of encouragement.

Perhaps these kind of introspective lyrics are influenced by lead singer Gabe Levine's mother's spirtual awakening and the subsequent conversations between them that ensued.

Just check it out.
Everybody Say
The Takers


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