PAS/CAL to release full length album in July

Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you haven't heard of indie poppers PAS/CAL you will when they release their full length album on July 22nd called I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura. This is the kind of music that's fun, rambling, filled with clever lyrics and quirky tidbits of organ, experimental guitar, and playful melody. We've included one of the tracks, "You Were Too Old For Me" below. It's a single song that's seems almost musically divided into separate acts. It strikes me as a somewhat organized stream of consciousness that comes back full circle to a familiar melody dotted with handclaps and oohs.

It's thoroughly fun music that is far from mundane or mind numbing. What a joy. Search no more for your summer music. And listen to the track below,

You Were Too Old For Me


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