Mar Produces Atmospheric Indie Sound

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mar is one of those bands that I wish I had discovered earlier, so that I could have enjoyed them longer. Comparing bands to other bands can be somewhat disrespectful, however I have to say that there are traces of xylophonic Album Leaf influences, the kind of fragile vocals reminiscent of Magnet, and the kind of emotional draw capable of the likes of Sigur Ros. And it's no wonder when their debut album featured Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf and was recorded in the same studio in Iceland where Sigur Ros recorded.

Despite the comparisons, Mar has it's own sound - one that's at once beautiful, emotional, and yet doesn't have that makes-you-want-to-cry effect. Which, in my opinion is great! Because crying is overrated anyway.

Here are some treats for ya, off Mar's latest album, The Sound, recorded in Arkansas where they're from.
Mother Star Sun


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