Happy Monday! Boababs and a Playlist for you

Monday, June 30, 2008

Start Monday off fresh with some music! Though it ain't new music it will cure your Monday blues, unless mellow, Elliot Smith-type of music is more your thing...which this has none of.

That is a boabab. One of the songs I've included is Boababs by Regina Spektor. Whether or not it's a throwback to The Little Prince, the song immediately makes me envision that one illustration from the book. It's a picture of the boababs taking over an entire planet. Know which one I'm talking about? If not, check out the book, it's beautiful and insightful.

Oversleeping - I'm From Barcelona
The Magic Position- Patrick Wolf
Chinese Translation - M. Ward
Maple Leaves (7" Version)- Jens Lekman
Tisbury Lane - Mae
Don't Stop - Brazilian Girls
Digital Love (Daft Punk cover) - Mobius Band
Boababs- Regina Spektor


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Nice post ....

Don't Stop - Brazilian Girls seems to be a dead link though .....
commented by Blogger Charles C Stirk Jr, 8:52 AM  
still working on it...
commented by Blogger wideeyedeggplant, 1:46 PM  

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