Case Of The Mondays w/ The King Blues!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Monday everyone! I know a lot of you are at work waiting for music, but that secrets cool with us. We got a new single from the upcoming 2nd album from London's The King Blues! Let's Hang The Landlord is actually a true story about a 13 year old Itch, the vocalist for King Blues, getting kicked out of his home. You can see the lyrics here! It's going to be released in early August the UK as a split single with Flobots, and of course we got it here for you. Check it out...more here.

Let's Hang The LandLord


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what a great photo, but where's the music? I just get Error 404....
commented by Blogger magnoliaMAM, 3:00 PM  
actually you can get the music here....

commented by Blogger magnoliaMAM, 3:03 PM  

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