The Manchester Orchestra

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I was at the troubadour last week and I remember seeing a poster on the wall that caught my attention. It was yellow and it had randomly placed bicycles on it. The poster made me smile and I admired its simplicity. I later realized that it was a poster for the Annuals and the Manchester Orchestra fall tour. They will be on tour together until the end of November!

The Manchester Orchestra
currently has 2 albums out, released through Favorite Gentleman Recordings. They have an alternative, indie sound; melodic riffs, standard rock drumming, and vocals similar to Michael Shepard (Lovedrug). It's a little bit slower, softer; a change. Like autumn. If you're into that, then give the manchester orchestra a listen. If not, then nows your chance! Here are a few tracks:

Wolves At Night
Golden Ticket


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