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Sunday, April 15, 2007

BBQCHICKENROBOT.com is dedicated to music cause we love music! There are a couple reasons why the BBQ exists. For starters we kind of got tired of writing about ourselves, our lives, our circumstances. As interested as friends are and want to be, we'd rather them ask us about life face to face. I think the digital life has really made us become less personable and indirect. An individual's Passions are perfect cause nobody can take it from them.

Not Just Music.
Okay in the past 4 or 5 years I have realized that there are so many talented people out there. In Arts, Film, Craft, Music, technology, and basically anything. And with so many talented people, I don't always believe a fluke of discovery should be the determiner of who gets heard. You can relate; countless times have I seen an acoustic act at a random coffee house that I completely loved. Or perhaps you have a friend whose paintings are amazing, and yet they won't get the recognition. What's the point here? Well we do this blog so that some of those talents can be recognized in someway, Tell me what artist wouldn't want their works to be spread for people to enjoy? Maybe that sounds ideal, but there's truth to it.

The Music and Support.
We Blog what we like. Unfortunately you won't find gangster Thug-master rap here, we try to steer clear. We try to keep it indie and underground with exceptions of some artists who fortunately got pop-rocked. Hiphop, Jazz, Electronic, Indierock and everything in between. If you like what you hear, Go get the albums and Go to those shows! Buy the shirts and buttons, and spread it like wildfire.

Contributors...a few of our fav things.
BBQCHICKENROBOT - Turkish Food, Music (duh), People who chase their passion, Applesauce, Dinosaurs, Robots, Legos, News, Biking, Ultimate Frisbee, Film, Technology, People or things that Inspire.

Tan PANDA - Photography, Lomography, Dance-offs, Tank Tops, good eats, bicycle rides, Tea, aa, Shows, iv, Vitamin Water, & Temporary Tattoos.

Wideeyedeggplant - french bakeries, british literature, design, singing, sea turtles, German operas, raw fish, piano-playing and looking at guys' sneakers.

We are Also looking for a few more Contributors even as a guest!, Please e-mail us if interested!


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bbq chicken robot rocks! ;D
commented by Blogger Lily, 1:15 PM  
You should add, "Randomly capitalizing Words for Emphasis" under favorite things BBQCHICKENROBOT
commented by Anonymous Erik, 3:15 PM  
thanks for checkin us out on Friday! - jv (elements8.com)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:17 AM  
thanks for checkin us out on Friday! - jv (elements8.com)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:17 AM  

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